Kandy to host second leg of GP

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 17 2021
Sports Kandy to host second leg of GP

The 2nd Sri Lanka Women’s Chess Grand Prix 2021, one of the leading Women’s Chess events in Sri Lanka, has been tentatively planned for 24, 25, 26, 30 April (evening only) and 1 and 2 May in Kandy by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka (CFSL). Participants will be informed of exact dates in due course. The event is open to Sri Lankans islandwide and international players.

Only the top Women players will be eligible to participate, and the event will be conducted on a Round Robin basis. If entries exceed the anticipated number, two Round Robins will take place culminating on a knock out basis from the quarter-final onwards.

CFSL is offering cash awards of Rs 70,000/= (Rs 30,000/=, Rs 20,000/=, Rs 10,000/=, Rs 6,000/= and Rs 4,000/=), Medals and Trophies for the winners.

The event will be played on the time control of 90 minutes with 30 second increment. Event will be broadcast live.

Players meeting the following criteria are eligible to apply:

1. Women International Chess Masters - Foreign WIMs are allowed. (Maximum 3 players)

2. Top five players at the SL Women’s National Chess Championship 2020 (up to maximum of 10).

3. The Women’s National Amateur Chess Champion 2020.

4. Sri Lanka Mercantile Women›s Chess Champion 2020.

5. Five players having more than 1700 ELO according to the latest International Rating List 2020

6. Two Women players with highest performance at an International Rating Chess Tournaments held so far. (Earlier points system is used for ranking purposes: Champion gets 10, Runner-up 9, Third 8 till No.10 gets 1)

(Instead of points system should have won at least one Women’s Championship and placed in top three in another/Played at least 5 events - including 2019).

7. Wild Card Entries

Those who are interested to get Wild Card Entries should send an email to [email protected] with their FIDE ID, Highest rating achieved ever, and performances to declare. Theses entries will be considered for participation after careful evaluation by CFSL.

Entries close on 20 April.

The event will be held according to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and The Medical Unit of  the Ministry of Sports. If interested, send an email with the contact details, FIDE ID, Rating to [email protected]


CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 17 2021

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