Julian Swith and the Pharaoh of Tutankhamen

By Ranuja Walivita | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021
Scribbler Julian Swith and the Pharaoh of Tutankhamen

By Ranuja Walivita

Illustrated by Savidula Rathnayaka 

Once upon a time there was a boy called Julian Swith. He was a good boy. Julian loves Egyptian mummies. But his parents didn’t like his son interested in mummies. Every day, Julian would bring books about mummies. But his dad would throw it to the fireplace. One day, while Julian was reading a book about mummies, secretly. He found a map. Julian thought to explore it. At midnight, he followed the map until he came to a forest. He went inside the forest.

 He went deep into the forest. There, he saw a cave. Julian got inside it. He saw some rocks floating. Julian knew what it was. All he has to do is, touch the correct rock to go to Egypt. Julian touched the biggest rock which took Julian to Egypt. With a flash of light, Julian was standing on a dry place, which was Egypt. Julian was very happy. He walked and walked, until he saw a big pyramid ahead. Julian sped up. There, he saw two people. Julian slowed down and hid behind a small pyramid. Julian heard them say, “Aha! Here we are! Ready to steal the treasure?”. “Yes!” said one of them. 

The two of them, went inside the pyramid. Julian followed them. Within few minutes, they reached the pharaoh of Tutankhamen. Julian stepped in front of the two robbers, blocking them. “Get out of the way, little boy!” growled one of them. “Nope, I won’t,” said Julian calmly. And he took out a phone and phoned the police in Egypt. The police came and thanked Julian. The two robbers are put in jail for three months. Julian explored the pyramids and everything about mummies. At the end of the day, Julian went back home. His parents were really worried. Julian explained everything. Julia’s parents said sorry for everything. Julian said it’s okay, and the little family was happy from that day onwards.

By Ranuja Walivita | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021

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