JKOA joins hands with ASUS

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 25 2021
FT JKOA joins hands with ASUS

John Keells Office Automation (Pvt) Ltd. (JKOA), a leading provider of office automation solutions, has partnered with ASUS, the leading multinational company known for the motherboards, PCs, laptops, notebooks, monitors, graphics cards and routers. 

ASUS Global has designated JKOA,established in 1992, a fully owned subsidiary of John Keells Holdings PLC,as their authorized dealers in Sri Lanka. 

JKOA is highly regarded and is known as a veritable mover and shaker in office automation solutions encompassing a product portfolio of globally established brands.  Through this partnership, ASUS has unveiled the All-New Expert Center Series Desktop PCsin Sri Lanka. These are varied, state-of-the-art business desktops that enables extended asset lifecycles, wide range of configurability and eco-friendly sustainability.

To satisfy the needs of every different type of trade and industry, ExpertCenter desktop PCs are built and available in a wide scope of segments and structure. These range from ExpertCenter D3 to D9, offering diverse configurability and meeting or surpassing a variety of world-leading reliability and environmental certifications.  Encompassing every single industry, from education and creation, manufacturing to retail, ExpertCenter desktops are prepared to supply long, steady benefits with consistent performance, demonstrating unwavering quality and enterprise-grade manageability.

Extended asset lifecycles empowered by industry-leading ASUS motherboards, plus easy expandability for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with an ASUS motherboard at the center of each ExpertCenter desktop, businesses are guaranteed of world-leading versatility and unwavering quality. 

Based on performance and needs of an organisation, the ExpertCenter desktop PCs have been grouped under three categories. First, specially designed for enterprise, organizational and governmental use: ExpertCenter D9 desktops feature effortless multitasking power and Intel vPro® processor technology to manage thousands of hardware endpoints. Secondly, specially designed for advanced SMBs: ExpertCenter D7 desktops maximize employee productivity with high computing and graphics performance, plus comprehensive connectivity to cope with diverse demands.Thirdly, specially designed for budget-conscious users: ExpertCenter D5 and D3 desktops combine exceptional value with affordable prices, presenting powerful, expandable and dependable desktops in a variety of different form factors.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 25 2021

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