Islandwide power outage

Rebecca Pavey | Published: 12:00 PM Dec 3 2021
Local Islandwide power outage

An islandwide power outage has been reported, owing to a malfunction in three sub-stations supplying electricity to the National Grid.

Owing to the power failure, traffic flow in many areas was disturbed after the traffic light signals too, stopped working.

This comes at a time when Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) engineers are on a work-to-rule campaign.

They are protesting against the government’s decision to sell 40% of the Yugadanavi power plant in Kerawalapitiya to US-based energy company New Fortress Energy and are making five other demands.

Accordingly, engineers have refused to carry out power restoration work after 4.15 pm.

Rebecca Pavey | Published: 12:00 PM Dec 3 2021

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