Info on 15 Suicide Women Revealed

By Keerthi Mendis and Thameenah Razeek | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 22 2021
News Info on  15 Suicide  Women  Revealed

By Keerthi Mendis and Thameenah Razeek

When questioning a 24-year-old woman taken into custody, by the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) in connection with engaging in Wahabism and extremist activities while participating in extremism classes conducted by Zaharan Hashim, information regarding 15 other women who had also attended these classes surfaced. 

All 15 of them had, in addition to participating in these classes, sworn the oath of allegiance, in the presence of Zaharan, that they were prepared to undertake suicide bombings. 

This came to light when the 24-year-old woman named Mohammed Ebrahim Saheeba, arrested by the TID recently from Hingula in Mawanella,was interrogated. 

She revealed that 15 women,including her had sworn that they were prepared to carry out suicide bombings. Five of them had perished in the Sainthamarudu explosion. 

The suspect further said another three were taken into custody in connection with the Easter Sunday bombings and were in remand. Up to now seven women are in custody, including Saheeba. 

Saheeba has revealed other important information about the Easter Sunday attacks and about the extremist organisation. The TID will question the other women about the suicide bombings. 

Saheeba is the younger sister of the two main suspects involved in the vandalisation of Buddha Statues in Mawanella, Mohammed Ebrahim Saadiq Abdul Haq and Mohammed Ebrahim Shaamil Abdul Haq. The TID has also taken their father, Ebrahim Moulavi into custody. He was questioned at length and had divulged important information. Subsequently, he was also remanded. 

Saheeba’s two brothers had fled the area when a search was being made for them over the Mawanella incident. Later, they were found hiding in a footwear sales outlet in Gampola and arrested by the TID in April 2019.

During interrogation of the two suspects, it was revealed that they were planning to carry out a suicide bombing in Gampola. Meanwhile, Rs 495,000 was found when the suspect’s house in Delgoda, Mawanella was searched. 

On that occasion, Saheeba was taken into custody but was later released on bail. 

When the six women, arrested on 7 December last year, were questioned, they had revealed information regarding Saheeba and subsequently she was taken into custody. The CID and TID conducted investigations into the Easter Sunday attacks and it was found that Zaharan had recruited a group of women and trained them. Subsequent to recommencing investigations based on this information, a number of persons have been taken into custody. 

Saheeba and the six other women were remanded under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

By Keerthi Mendis and Thameenah Razeek | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 22 2021

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