Inexperience was big blow for SL at Asia 7s - Marija

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 25 2021
Sports Inexperience was big blow for SL at Asia 7s - Marija

Former Sri Lanka Sevens captain Fazil Marija believed results of the Sri Lanka Sevens team at last week Asia Sevens would have been much better if the team had more experienced players.

Marija, a former National XV-a-side and Sevens captain, was the best fly half Sri Lanka produced, and brought honour to the country on many occasions.

“Lack of experienced players in the team was part of the problem Sri Lanka faced at the Asia Sevens. Giving an opportunity for young players was a good step taken, but when you go for a tournament like this, the team should have had a mix of experienced and young players,” said Marija.

“When you take a team like Japan, no one can face them without experience.”

Both Sri Lanka men’s and women’s teams finished the tournament in sixth place after losing to UAE and Thailand in the Plate final respectively.

He further said: “Even with experienced players in the team, I don’t think Sri Lanka could have made a bigger impact in this tournament. That was not the players fault, because SL started rugby almost after two years due to the pandemic, and can’t keep expectations high with a short stint of training.”

“When you take the UAE game, we had chances to beat them. What we did was tried to play for their space and lost the ball. That would have changed if we had experienced players in the team,” said Marija.

“In my experience when you go for an international tournament, out of 12 players minimum of eight experienced players should be in the squad,” said the former skipper. 


CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 25 2021

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