'I oppose sending women abroad as housemaids': Nimal Siripala

AN | Published: 4:30 PM Sep 16 2020
Local 'I oppose sending women abroad as housemaids': Nimal Siripala

Labour Minister, Nimal Siripala de Silva has stated that he personally opposes sending women abroad for employment as housemaids and that the Government aims to give them decent jobs.

Accordingly, a national programme will be implemented to direct both female and male workers to higher paying jobs, the Minister said.

Minister de Silva expressed these views to the media during an inspection tour of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment's Japan Job Training Centre in Haliela recently.

The Minister further said that many people are dependent on the money sent to our country by those working as housemaids. Therefore, in directing women towards going abroad for respectable jobs, he emphasised that we should provide better language and practical training than what is currently given to women going abroad for employment.

He added that Japan would provide all necessary assistance to train young people for employment and will continue to work to increase employment opportunities in the future.

Speaking on the occasion, IM Japan General Manager for Sri Lanka, Kawahara said that Sri Lankan workers seeking employment in Japan are doing a very good job of protecting the dignity of the country and that the Japanese people expect a good service from all employees as well.

AN | Published: 4:30 PM Sep 16 2020

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