HSBC re-introduces Mortgage Loans

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 14 2021

Supporting customers by opening up a world of opportunity, HSBC has further enhanced its flagship Premier proposition by re-introducing Premier Mortgage Loans at an attractive introductory 5-year fixed interest rate of 7% p.a. HSBC Premier Mortgage Loans are designed to bring maximum benefits to help existing and eligible Premier customers pursue their ambitions with home loans of up to rupees 100 million. 

This comes in the wake of several external factors affecting the cash flow of customers, which has spurred interest in the real estate market that has continued to show steady price growth despite the pandemic. 

HSBC notes that customers are looking to diversify their investment by looking at a second home and re-structure their mortgages for better returns in future, as a hedge against the low interest environment. Nadeesha Senaratne, Country Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, said, “The property market is a very attractive investment asset class amongst the affluent segment in Sri Lanka. 

Despite the pandemic and many external factors affecting customer cash flows, we have noticed a fresh appetite for investment in property within the suburbs and urban areas around the country. 

As a result, our aim has always been to provide our customers with the right solutions addressing their needs and circumstances as their primary banking partner. HSBC’s mortgage product is designed to provide a degree of flexibility and choices in line with our purpose of opening up a world of opportunity for our customers. We hope we can help our customers to pursue a key ambition in life, as we continue to expand on servicing their personal banking needs.”

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 14 2021

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