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By Sadira Sittampalam | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 25 2020
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By Sadira Sittampalam

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the clutter that surrounds you? A messy room or house automatically translates to an unclear head and actually interferes with your day-to-day activities. This list will, share a number of helpful tips that will serve to clear the clutter in your home but also in your mind.

List out everything

When starting to organise your house or room, you should start by listing out everything in it. When I say everything, I mean everything - from little bobby pins behind your bed to the random bags tucked away in the cupboard. You should have a list of every storage space available, where you can place these objects in that room. This way, you can write down which item will go where without being overwhelmed when looking at the physical clutter. Thus, with this plan, you can start organising your room a lot easier.

Keep all your cleaning tools in one area

The next thing you need to do is make sure that you have a lot of cleaning supplies handy. This is because cleanliness and organisation go hand in hand since while it is important to have everything in its right place, everything should also be clean. Thus, having a nice cleaning station where all your cleaning supplies are located is recommended so that you can easily grab them and clean out a certain space so you can nicely place all the required items in that area. Keeping the cleaning supplies organised is also important so you don’t have to look around for anything.

Utilise vertical storage

Taking advantage of things like doors and wall space is a great way to clear any clutter in your room that won’t fit in designated spaces like cupboards or drawers. There are various ways you can implement this. You can use over-the-door storage units, where you can hang things like shoes (up to 12-24 extra pairs of shoes) or beauty supplies like hairbrushes, curling irons, hair straighteners, hairsprays and lotions. You can also add hooks onto the wall in order to hang things like bags or hats. Another few items you can hang on hooks are your necklaces and bracelets. They often end up sitting in some box all tangled up and unorganised, making it a real process to take any of them out to wear. Using hooks will allow you to keep them out and visible and nicely organised. 

Drawer dividers

While it is easy to organise your drawers and feel proud of how they look, after a while they always revert back to a huge mess, even if its all items that are supposed to be put in that specific drawer. This is why drawer dividers are possibly the best thing to be invented in terms of organisation. This maximises the size of your drawers, with only one divider instantly giving you two separate categories for your space. This will allow you to categorise items within your drawer and fit in more items. This works great with things like kitchen utensils but also for stationery, mementoes and electronic items.

Electronics closet

This brings me to the electronics closet. Do you have random wires and cables tucked away in various locations around your house? Do you often have to look all over to find a specific type of cable that fits in with certain electronic items? Well, this is why you need an electronics closet. You can use old shoeboxes or other solid colour boxes in order to store things like mobile phones, batteries, USB cables, large cords or hard drives. Using a clear box will allow these items to be seen which doesn’t look very good since these items are quite bulky, which is why an opaque box is the way to go. 

Filing system

This is something that is vital in every household as while digital organisation might be more popular, you still have a lot of important documents that you should always keep organised. For things like bank records, birth records, phone bills, house records, receipts and other such documents, they should all be kept in a way that is easy to find any specific document. You can use a series of binders for this or you can have a desk drawer filing system. You will be surprised how much this pays off, especially if one day you lose your NIC and need your birth certificate for a new one - you’ll know exactly where it is. 

A place for everything 

Everything in your house should have a home. When you can say every item has a clear and designated spot to go to, you can have confidence that your home is organised. If you listed everything in each room, and took care in making a specific place for it, this step is a lot easier, as whenever you find a random pen somewhere, you can go through this list and see where the pens are kept and drop it in there. 

Label everything

This step is also linked to the previous one, as if you have a spot for everything in the house, it is beneficial for you to also have a label on things like drawers, cupboards and boxes. This allows you to easily identify what the space holds and will ensure that everyone else in the household can follow this system as well, and thus know where to find things and where to put things away. Everyone will know exactly what is in each container and also gives everything a nice uniformed look. You can use a variety of labels as well, in order to give your space a little more personality. There are chalk labels, label maker labels, hanging tabs and plain old handwritten labels. 

Do later box

Throughout the day, there will be things that you need to clear up, but for whatever reason, you say that you will do it later. This mounts up during the day and creates mental clutter as there are things for you to do, but you also have to make sure you don’t forget any of these things. Thus, it is useful for you to have a box or containers where you keep everything you want to get to later. Then, at the end of the day, before you go to bed, you can take 5 minutes to put all of these items away so you can go to bed with a clear mind, knowing everything is properly organised.  

Ten minutes of cleaning every day

Every day, in order to make sure everything is in tip-top shape, you should set a timer on your phone for only 10 minutes and put away as much as you can in that time. The intent here is to not finish organising your entire room, but instead form a habit of keeping your space tidy as you keep doing it every day. You will genuinely be surprised as to how much you can actually get done in a simple ten minutes. When the timer is done, you should make sure you actually stop cleaning, even if you want to do more. If you keep going, it won’t be a huge problem, but over time it might cause you to try and skip this cleaning session as you feel as though you won’t stop at 10 minutes. Making sure it is only 10 minutes will ensure that you will complete the task as it is a very short time commitment and over time this will benefit you mentally and keep your space consistently organised.

By Sadira Sittampalam | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 25 2020

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