How LEARN is empowering academics across asia

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 9 2021
FT How LEARN is empowering academics across asia

The Lankan Education and Research Network (LEARN) has been improving network connectivity in South Asia, enhancing the National Research and Education Network (NREN) to connect local educational institutions and academic bodies with the world.

LEARN has also launched several initiatives to strengthen collaboration between local and international academia and NREN engineers, the latest of which is the UPROUSE with LEARN programme.

Together with APNIC, the Royal University of Bhutan, and the Laos Education and Research Network, LEARN is uplifting the NRENs of the two respective Nations, while also aiding several other countries in the region. The project’s Principal Investigator, Prof. Roshan Ragel, and a member of Administrative Support from Sri Lanka, Engineer Thilina Pathirana, provided insights into the programme.

Thilina shared, “It began with a conversation I had with Sonam Penjor of Bhutan, who I had just met at a conference. Seeing LEARN’s work, he requested a training programme for the Bhutanese NREN. Overhearing this, Sotsay Sengvong made the same request on behalf of Laos.”

Thus, the UPROUSE with LEARN initiative began to take shape. Under the guidance of Prof. Ragel, a proposal was soon pitched and funding was approved under a grant by the [email protected] project.

“Our focus was to uplift the networks of Laos and Bhutan. We’re not just conducting workshops, but rather following up and assisting them in applying this knowledge,” shared Prof. Ragel.

Thus, UPROUSE with LEARN aims to build capacity, promote R&E collaboration, and provide technical backstopping for three primary areas of network development; namely, IPv6 Implementation, Network Security and Performance, and Domain Name System (DNS) and DNS Security.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 9 2021

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