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CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 25 2021
Editorial Hot Seat

Today the UN is in the hot seat! At the 46th virtual session commencing 22 February, the UN will take up allegations of war crimes and other abuses in Sri Lanka. In trying to be righteous the UN has opened up a can of worms and as the good old adage goes “when you point a finger at someone, forget not that there are three fingers pointing back at you”. If the UN had a clean slate, well it would not have to worry then would it? But the UN hasn’t! 

Let’s take a look at the UN shall we, apart from being an absolute white elephant in the stables of justice it is very subtle in its manipulations. The UN commands a budget of over US$ 50 billion a year, mainly received through member and voluntary subscriptions of which 30 per cent is taken for administrative costs. This makes a cool USD 15 billion on administrative costs alone.

Let’s look at the UN through the Sri Lanka looking glass. What has the UN done in Sri Lanka? Absolutely nothing! This was said by the people of Sri Lanka when questioned about the UN and INGOs in 1999 at the World Bank-sponsored, UN-funded ‘Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Relief’ workshops that were conducted islandwide even in areas under LTTE control. In their words, “They come in their big vehicles, they ask a whole load of questions, they don’t help us at all, we hardly see them again”. The final report written by WB employed international consultants was never circulated. 

When the UN employs Sri Lanka staff members they get a different agreement and they are paid a mere pittance when compared to UN foreign staff members who receive luxurious salaries abounding with allowances and perks. So much for Human rights from the haloed portals of this devious institution eh! 

When the UN plans  X amount of projects in Sri Lanka and projects a US$ XY budget it still gets to keep the 30 per cent administrative costs and still gets to say it spent US$ XY in Sri Lanka in spite of the projects not being started or completed. The crux of the matter when UN projects are analysed is that the country could have well done without it. Sadly the UN performs best in Sri Lanka when it receives Media attention. So much for honesty, sincerity and hypocrisy of this archaic institution!

But that is not all, the main unwritten objective of a UN presence ever in Sri Lanka is the so-called wait. Waiting for the day when Sri Lanka becomes an attractive or difficult prospect and the Government or regime needs to be toppled then the UN gets into action. 

The UN, who never censured the LTTE for their crimes, especially the tens of thousands of civilians killed and the conscription of children and orphans, decides in 2009 that during the final days of the war when the Government defeated the terrorists it resulted in tens of thousands of civilian casualties dying.  Were they using a defunct abacus to do their calculations? 

Why were Colonel Gash’s despatches and the ICRC who were on the spot not taken in to consideration? 

The UK’s Channel 4 then showed summary executions of captured LTTE terrorists. Sri Lanka claimed the video to be a fake and complained to the British broadcasting regulator. In pops the UN. The UN examines the videos and claims them to be authentic!  

Wasn’t it Winston Churchill who said “a lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”?

The UN’s Adama Dieng and Karen Smith express alarm at acts of violence against Muslim and Christian communities in Sri Lanka. This is an obvious UN distortion of facts: Distorting the rigours of the Easter Carnage that took place during the Yahapalana regime. 

The UN is an archaic organisation and a Tyrannosaurus serving the needs of a few. A dinosaur is loved by all as long as it’s not in your back garden. It’s about time Asia started looking at its own countries, its own strengths and left the UN to start its own organisation. We have enough super powers in Asia. If we in Asia remained non-aligned and united we can overcome disreputable organisations like the UN who disguise themselves in a façade of deceit.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 25 2021

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