Healthguard supports NMRA’s efforts

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 23 2020

Healthguard – a subsidiary of Sunshine Healthcare Lanka Limited – announced its support for the National Medicines Regulatory Authority’s (NMRA) ongoing efforts to strengthen safe medication dispensing measures among Sri Lankan pharmacies.

While continuing their existing best practices of maintaining higher quality assurance, Healthguard is set to embark on several initiatives to further promote safe dispensing of medicine, adhering to the recommendations proposed by the NMRA in its ‘Guidelines on Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP)’ document. 

As part of this endeavour, Healthguard is launching ‘Healthguard Cares’, a unique initiative to support the NMRA efforts in transforming local pharmacies from a product-centric approach to a patient-centric approach, with pharmaceutical care as the ultimate goal. The retail chain aims to build awareness and transfer knowledge to customers on vital aspects like the importance of producing a prescription at the counter at all times, the importance of compliance, as well as the significance of safe prescribing of medication and its impact and importance of technology for better traceability and drug information. Healthguard is planning to raise customer awareness on above topics through their social media platforms, as well as in-store communications. 

Under the same initiative, Healthguard, with the help of NMRA, will take further steps to raise the standards of safe prescribing among its pharmacists through continuous training and education. This will help them to play a professional role to assess prescriptions, advise patients on the appropriate use of prescribed medicines and perform the role of a healthcare provider and a counsellor. Adding to that, Healthguard aims to elevate the role of a pharmacist to a ‘responsible pharmacist’ as well. With that, the pharmacists will be responsible for all the professional activities and operations within the premises and at the same time, assist the management to formulate policies to maintain exceptional quality and service standards. 

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 23 2020

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