Have you found true love?

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 28 2020
Horoscope Have you found true love?

By Bandu Abeysundara

It is unanimously considered that marriage is the most pivotal point in life as it determines  ruination of one’s life or the pathway to success.

When the Line of Heart (H-L) commences from the apex of the Mount of Jupiter, it gives more moderation, but also great ideality as well. People with such a Heart Line are firm and reliable in their affections, they have an unusually high sense of honour and morality. They are ambitious that the person they live with will be great, noble and helpful to the partner. They seldom marry beneath their station in life, and they have the fewest clandestine love affairs than any other class. If they once really fall in love, they love forever. They do not believe in second marriages, and the divorce courts are seldom troubled with their presence.

The Heart Line rising from in between the first and second fingers (H-H), would give a calmer but a very deep nature in all matters of affection. These people seem to strike the happy medium between the ideality and pride given by Jupiter, and a more selfish nature is bestowed where love is concerned when the line rises from the Mount of Saturn under the middle finger. They are not very demonstrative when in love, but they are capable of the greatest sacrifices for those whom they care for. They do not expect the person on whom they bestow their affection to be a god or a goddess. Still my experience so far is that they are always in wedlock with beautiful women or  handsome men depending on the gender.

When the Line of Heart ends on the Mount of Saturn, the subject will be rather selfish in all questions of affection. These people are not self-sacrificing, like the previous type. They are inclined to be cynical, reserved, and undemonstrative but very insistent in trying to have the person they want. They will let nothing stand in their way, but once they have obtained their object they show little tenderness or devotion or love in return.

They are very unforgiving, if they discover any lapses on the part of their partner, but as they are “a law unto themselves,” they close their eyes to their own shortcomings. Such persons live for themselves and care little whether those around them are happy or not. The shorter the Line of Heart on the palm, the lesser is the higher sentiments of the affections manifested.

When the Line of Heart is found to be curving downwards at the base of the Mount of Jupiter crossing the Lines of Life and Mind, it foreshadows a strange fatality in that person, of meeting with great disappointment in love, and even with those they trust in friendship. He seems to lack perception, in knowing whom to love. His affections are nearly always misplaced or never returned. It is a marriage filled with arguments and quarrels and may end up in divorce, if other line and sign configurations too are malefic; or may not get separated, if other lines compensate for the above lapse.

These people have, however, as a rule, wonderfully kind and affectionate dispositions. They have little pride about whom they love and they generally marry beneath their station in life.

When the Heart Line is broken, fragmented or made up of little pieces, such individuals bear a hysterical temperament, with a leaning towards the tendencies I have mentioned above. These persons in all cases suffer enormously from moods; and they are very difficult to live with as well. 

What is called the Ring of Saturn under the middle finger is very seldom found, and it is by no means a good sign to have on the palms of your lover. It is a semi-circular line and if a black spot is to be seen inside of the Ring of Saturn (J), such people hardly succeeded in life and were never able to carry any one of their plans to a successful termination. Furthermore, they were hardly able to stick to one career for a long time and hence were changing jobs constantly. These people seemed to be cut off from their fellow beings in some peculiar and extraordinary way. They were isolated and alone, and they appeared to realize their lonely positions keenly.

They were gloomy, morbid, and were full of saturnine qualities in character. They seldom married, and even if they did, it was always a ghastly failure. They are terribly obstinate and headstrong in all their actions; they resent the least advisory interference in their plans. Their lives generally end up in suffering, poverty, or by some sinister tragedy or fatality. It is the most unfortunate mark ever to find on a palm of your lover.

When one line of marriage (M-M) is found on the Mount of Mercury, it indicates one love affair and one marriage even if there are day today problems in life. This is more confirmed when the inner Line of Mars (S-S) too runs parallely behind the Line of Life. 

If the forefinger is slightly longer than the ring finger, it is another indication where it is hard to live with such people as these individuals seem to be domineering and there is an inborn need inside of them to rule others and get them under their control too.

Provided the Line of Heart is deep and hollow, and runs towards the beginning of the Line of Life (L-L) and the Line of Mind (B-B), they are unbelievable as they may fall in love with any enchanting woman or handsome man depending on the gender of the possessor of this line formation. This is not a sign of legal separation; still they may stick to one marriage at any cost.

If there is a wide gap between the Line of Life (L-L) and Line of Head (B-B), such individuals are by nature boisterous and would always take their own decisions without consulting their wives; hence, she or he may have to bear up with the said weak points of the partner forever.

Another good sign for your partner to have is to be without a sign of a grill (T) on an overgrown Mount of Venus or a cross (V) on the Mount of Moon. It is a confirmation of clandestine affairs. If a black spot is detected on the Mount of Venus, they are highly inclined to vulgarity and may even become infected with social diseases such Gonorrhea and syphilis one day.

The most significant sign to be observed on the palm of your future partner is whether the subject has got a black spot on the second phalanx of the ring finger, it is considered to be a bad omen of a sudden death of your partner.

The best ever famous mark of a happy union is a cross on the mount of Jupiter (P) under the forefinger of the two partners intending to go into wedlock. 

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 28 2020

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