Half of tourist destinations have eased travel restrictions

By Anjali Caldera | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 22 2020

By Anjali Caldera

Over half (115) of all tourist destinations worldwide have eased COVID-19 related travel restrictions for international tourism. This is an increase of 28 destinations compared to 

19 July, 2020, revealed a recent report from the United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO). 

Accordingly, 44 destinations in Europe, including 25 out of 26 Schengen Member States, 

27 destinations in the Americas, including 18 Small Island Developing States (SIDS), 

26 destinations in Africa, 

13 destinations in Asia and the Pacific, including five  SIDS and  five destinations in the Middle East have eased travel restrictions.

Therefore only 93 destinations (43 per cent) of all destinations worldwide still keep their borders completely closed for international tourism. This is a decrease of 22 destinations compared to 19 July, 2020.

As of May this year, 75 per cent of destinations worldwide had their borders completely closed, thus bringing international tourism almost to a standstill. Since then, destinations have started easing travel restrictions to progressively allow the movement of people and reactivation of economic activities, including tourism.

A total of 28 destinations in Asia and the Pacific (61 per cent of all destinations in Asia) still have their borders completely closed to date. Altogether 161 destinations worldwide (74 per cent) have completely or partially closed their borders (down from 189 on 15 June 2020). Out of these, 93 destinations have completely closed their borders to international tourists while 68 destinations have partially closed their borders.

It should be noted that  fully opened or partially opened destinations require the presentation of medical certificates with negative COVID-19 PCR test results upon or after arrival in a destination, combined with adherence to quarantine measures to admit tourists into the country. 

There are destination-specific travel restrictions also in place. Accordingly as per the same report nine destinations (three per cent) are banning the entry for passengers from specific countries. Twelve destinations (five per cent) are applying different measures that include suspension of flights and visa issuances.

By Anjali Caldera | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 22 2020

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