GL lays down Govt’s priorities

By Ranmini Gunasekara | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 8 2020

By Ranmini Gunasekara

The Government’s main priorities after its victory at the General Election will be dealing with the post-COVID-19 economy and bringing about urgent changes to the Constitution, as well as the sphere of foreign relations, said the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, Professor G.L. Peiris yesterday (7).

“The people have taken heed of the President’s request and have given the Government a two-thirds majority. Now that our citizens have given this victory, we have no right to make excuses, or make any complaints, so we will dedicate ourselves to solving their problems.” 

He added, one of the Government’s major challenges will be dealing with the economy at a time where certain major sources of foreign exchange such as tourism and remittances from abroad are not forthcoming. However, he said the Government will make the necessary adjustments and move forward. 

Furthermore, it was said the Government expected to start with a Vote on Account and move towards the preparation of a fully fledged Budget.

Prof. Peiris further added that it was clear that certain Amendments need to be made to the Constitution, and highlighted issues with regard to the independent Commissions, the number of Members of such Commissions and their quorum.  

Meanwhile, speaking of foreign relations, he said that the Government profoundly disagrees with some of the actions that were taken during the previous United National Front led regime, especially when concerning certain commitments made at the United Nations Human Rights Council. He further added, new thinking was imperative to improve all of these sectors. 

By Ranmini Gunasekara | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 8 2020

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