Four acquitted from heroin case

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 12:10 AM Jun 11 2021

The Maligakanda Chief Magistrate’s Court acquitted four persons, who had been charged by the Attorney General with bringing down 93 kilos of heroin in a container from Pakistan, from all charges. The Court also ordered the return of their passports, which had been impounded and also invalidated the order freezing their bank accounts and ordered the release of their funds. 

The Court then ordered invalidated the order which had forced the suspects to report to the Police Station and advised the Court Registrar to enlighten the relevant institutions in this regard. The Court decided to order the release of the suspects after the Attorney General had informed the Court that he does not intend to take further action against the quartet. 

The PNB had detected the stock of illegal drugs stuffed in parcels in a container upon its arrival here on 21 July seven years ago. Upon further inspection of the parcels the PNB had detected the stock of heroin and after lengthy inquiries they had uncovered that a resident of Gampola, identified as Abdul Amza, had imported the stock in question. 

He and seven other suspects had been arrested and charged in Court. Later the probe the discovery had been concluded by the PNB and the case abstracts submitted for the perusal of the Attorney General. Upon further perusal of the case abstracts the Attorney General had informed the PNB that there was no purpose in continuing with legal action against the suspects concerned and that they could be released. 

Accordingly after the submission of the Attorney General’s letter to Court by the PNB, the Court released the four suspects, namely Ahmed Ruzni, Mohammad Ashraff, Mohammad Safraz and Mohammad Mujahid.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 12:10 AM Jun 11 2021

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