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CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 20 2021
Glamour For every  Piercing

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy

A large, dandling, colourful pair of earrings would bring me confidence and uplift my mood instantly. Earrings for me are the most exciting and interesting part about dressing up. My passion for large hanging earrings started during the 2010s when it was a trend in Sri Lanka as well as globally. Earrings of various colours and styles were largely available in the local market. Movies, songs and fashion shows popularized the trend. Actresses, models and beauty queens were seen wearing large glittering earrings during this time. 

I believe a nice pair of hanging earrings could brighten up any boring outfit by adding instant life to it. It can actually add colour and drama to your personality. To me dressing up means nothing without a pair of beautiful and large earrings. 

It has been more than a decade, and my love for earrings have never faded away. It has actually grown. So has my collection of earrings. Starting from just a few pairs in 2010, by now I have a considerable amount of earrings that suits almost any occasion and any outfit. Be it be a saree, or a western outfit, finding the most suitable pair of earrings from my collection is always successful. 

My collection…

Studs and Hoops

The simple collection of earrings includes pairs with artificial pearls, stones and just metal work. When hoop earrings were trending I was impatient to own them. I ended up owing a collection of hoop earrings of ten sizes, silver and gold both. 

In Love with Jhumkas

My most loved ones are the Jhumkas. Jhumkas are the well known Indian type of earrings with a very long history. My very first pair of Jhumkas was small silver coloured ones with multicoloured beads on the edge. Then a pair of really tiny gold Jhumkas was added to my collection. These were my most worn earrings every time I wore sarees. Dreaming of owning large and decorative Jhumkas made me purchase a couple of silver and gold ones. The one with an elephant carving on the top of the Jhumka and white beads hanging on the edge are my most loved one. A simple cotton gown or a kurti can be lightened up with a pair of decorative Jhumkas. 

Taste of India

The most decorative earrings I own were from India, bought almost a decade ago and these are the ones I still wear for weddings and fancy functions. They are vibrant, heavy and rich. You actually don’t want a neck piece with these heavy earrings or any other accessories. 

Some are not so fun…

I once was so passionate about owning a pair of Jackets, but after I purchased one, I lost interest. It was not fun to wear it and I found it rather uncomfortable. It was the same about Threaders. They are nice to own, but not to wear. 

Experimenting with earrings…

Ear cuffs are among my most prized possessions. Although they are not suitable for any occasion or do not go with any outfit, you can be the centre of attention if you wear it properly. Make sure you don’t opt for a heavy or dramatic make up or any other accessories with a heavy and richly decorative ear cuff. 

Latest trends...

Feathers and strings are trending now. They are light, fashionable and comfortable. They are also fun to wear. They actually can brighten up a dull outfit. 

They are classy…

Chandeliers are timeless and classy. They are elegant. These beauties are really fun to wear and they suit many outfits. Teardrop earrings are also classy and elegant. They go well with a saree as well as a western outfit.

The bond I have with my earrings are inseparable. I cherish my collection of earrings as each and every pair has a story of its own. Some of them possess a sentimental value. Some of them are souvenirs of people, moments and places.  

Earrings are mood lifters to me. They boost my confidence. They also reveal a lot about me. 

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 20 2021

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