For effective governance: Synchronise Presidency & Parliament – PM

Thameenah Razeek | Published: 7:55 PM Jul 6 2020
Politics For effective governance: Synchronise Presidency & Parliament – PM

The country will face a huge crisis if the incumbent President and the Government in power are from two different political parties, said Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, pointing out that the public faced difficulties during the Yahapalana rule and the people were not ready to face those difficulties once again.

Addressing the ceremony organised by the Yuthukama National Organisation, at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute today (6), to hand over their proposals for a new Constitution, Rajapaksa said the people have had enough of the experiences emerging from consequences in which the presidency and parliamentary Government were from two different parties.

While insisting that the synchronisation between the Head of State and the Government will not meet their demands when they come from two different parties, Rajapaksa noted that former President Maithripala Sirisena and former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe spent their tenures solving their personal issues without addressing public needs in real-time frames.

"Sirisena and Wickremesinghe always had their personal issues to solve all the time while the people had to pay for mistakes done by the Government. But right now, the President is busy finding solutions to problems faced by the public and finding ways to develop the economy. We are here to carry on with politics without any involvement of the President," he added.

Rajapaksa added that they needed a two-thirds majority to bring constitutional amendment and that is why they are requesting the public to help them.

He noted that the oldest political party, the UNP, has split and were conspiring against each other to get votes.

The National Organiser of Yuthukama Organisation, Anupa Pasquel handed the proposal for a new Constitution and Convener of Yuthukama Organisation Gevindu Kujaratunga handed over their social consensus report to the Prime Minister at the function.

Thameenah Razeek | Published: 7:55 PM Jul 6 2020

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