Five petitions against Port City Bill

Amani Nilar, Kumudu Jayawardena & Kamal Mahendra | Published: 1:36 PM Apr 15 2021
Local Five petitions against Port City Bill

Five petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the proposed Port City Economic Commission Bill.

A five-judge bench was appointed today (15) to consider the filed petitions .

The President of the Information Technologists Association, Engineer Kapila Renuka Perera confirmed that a petition has been filed against the proposed bill by the association, citing being a threat to the National security and the economy as reasons.

Perera has called for the Supreme Court to issue an order requiring it to be passed by a two-thirds majority in the Parliament and a referendum.

The relevant Bill permits the transfer, sale, and lease of property within the Colombo Port City to another party, while it also has the power to permit another party to approve the VISA of those employed in the Colombo Port City, the petitioner emphasises.

The Center for Policy Alternatives, a leading public policy research and advocacy think tank in Sri Lanka, has also filed a petition against the Port City Economic Commission Bill today (15).

Moreover, the United National Party also filed two petitions on behalf of on behalf of the General-Secretary of the Party Palitha Range Bandara and the Chairman of the Party Vajira Abeywardena.

The Party alleges that the Government has failed to allow for proper examination and consultation of the bill, and mentions that the bill violates Articles 3 and 4 of the Constitution in regard to the Legislative, Judicial and Executive powers.

Meanwhile, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka appointed a committee to examine the Port City Bill and to make recommendations, on 09 April 2021. The BASL has remarked that legal action will be taken in accordance with the recommendations of the committee.

Amani Nilar, Kumudu Jayawardena & Kamal Mahendra | Published: 1:36 PM Apr 15 2021

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