First lg Ambassadors of Sri Lanka Announced

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 30 2021
FT First lg Ambassadors of Sri Lanka Announced

Globally renowned electronics giant, LG, and the trusted Sri Lankan conglomerate, Abans Group, partnered with Korea Friends of Hope International, Sri Lanka (KFHI) to initiate the first ‘LG Ambassador Challenge’ in Sri Lanka.

Spearheading this ground-breaking initiative are Choi, Chairman of KFHI – Sri Lanka and Lasitha Nanayakkara, Secretary of KFHI- Sri Lanka, who have been instrumental in formulating this partnership with the intention of uplifting the lives of Sri Lankans and aiding the development of rural areas in the country. 

The ‘LG Ambassador Challenge’ programme offered everyone the opportunity to do their part towards the improvement of their respective villages, and be recognised as the next rural-development innovator. This is a programme currently conducted worldwide every year, and the goal was to commence this project as one that will be conducted annually in Sri Lanka too, to help Sri Lankan communities and better their lives.

Sharing his thoughts on the initiation of this massive programme, Lasitha stated, “The LG Ambassador Programme takes place in other South Asian countries such as Bangladesh each year. The programme has achieved much success by giving youth a platform to serve their countries and neighbourhood by identifying problems where they live and providing solutions to tackle and solve those issues. It was a huge goal of Korea Friends of Hope International to commence this project in Sri Lanka as well. With this induction, we hope to conduct the LG Ambassador programme every year in Sri Lanka.”

“Abans has consistently undertaken the responsibilities of bettering the lives of Sri Lankans, by way of innovative products, an ever expanding portfolio of quality services and diligently carrying out CSR projects. The LG Ambassador programme is a valuable opportunity for all Sri Lankans to bring forth inventive solutions to the concerns in their villages. Abans is honoured to be part of this programme, as we aim to help the citizens of Sri Lanka lead fulfilling and convenient lives,” shared Buddhika Dharmawardena, Chief Marketing Officer of Abans PLC.

The programme was divided into four main segments of physical needs, cultural activities, medical facilities, and development of sports. Many village concerns were received and underwent an evaluation process; after which four projects were finalised for commencement.

Summary of the 4 Selected Projects 

1) Water Purification/Filtration Project – Vavuniya

LG Ambassador: Kunaraththinam Kajanagan

Project Name: The Drop of Life

The Sasthrikoolankulam village in Vavuniya is inhabited with over six hundred families. These people are unable to get unpolluted, clean water for their daily needs. They stated that the water currently consumed by them is very unhealthy and poisonous for consumption. This issue has caused serious kidney problems amongst the villagers. We will be providing a RO water purification/filtration system plant which will be constructed in their village, so they may get purified, clean water for their daily consumption.

2) Public Midwife Centre Renovation Project – Balangoda 

LG Ambassador: U. D. I. Thushara 

Project Name: Nurturing the Future Generation

The Handagiriya village’s public midwife centre is beyond any kind of usable condition. Pregnant mothers and children below 5 years are unable to attend their clinics and get the right advice and medicines for themselves and for their unborn children. 

The current building is highly damaged and the walls are close to falling apart, putting all expecting mothers and young child at high risk. The toilet facility here is also unusable. This building doesn’t have electricity or a proper place to store the supplements provided by the Government for children and mothers. Most of the products go to waste and have to be discarded due to the lack of any storage facility. We will be renovating the building to include an area for the midwife to meet with mothers with their children, plus safe storage and sanitary facilities. 

3) Volleyball Ground Construction Project – Ampara 

LG Ambassador: Tuwan Nawshath Allan 

Project Name: Uplifting the Youth for a Better Tomorrow

According to the villagers of the Muwangala area, students who come home from school and are interested in sports, spend their time in a temporary ground as a way to practice their volleyball skills. Young people who are engaged in agricultural activities come to play and release their day-to-day pressures and stress playing sports. These people are forced to play with two temporary lights on the playground due to lack of resources. Due to the high level of danger during night-time in sports, the youth have brought damaged nets from the fishermen in the Kalmunai area and repaired them to cover the area around the field.

By initiating this project, over 2,000 people of two neighbouring villages will highly benefit and this will be a great opportunity to bring value to the youth in the villages, preventing them from being involved in dangerous and harmful activities such as drug usage and alcohol abuse, cyber bullying and such. They can turn towards more constructive means of expressing themselves and keeping fit, especially in these times when diseases are high amongst young children and youth, and they are more likely to fall prey to mental illnesses. The villagers can learn teamwork and coordination, while helping each other to lead happy and healthy daily lives and create a routine that will cause less stress. This will be vital in creating the next generation of youth who are mentally and physically strong and sound, and who will add value to the development of their village and the nation’s future. We will be constructing a volleyball court and changing rooms with storage and washroom facilities. 

4) Life Jackets Provision Project – Batticaloa 

LG Ambassador: Pakkiyarasa Katheeswaran 

Project Name: Every Life Matters

The Sandiweli villagers (over 8,000 families) face an extremely life-threatening situation because they cannot travel to the adjoining village, forcing them to cross the large river in an electric boat. The boat carries a capacity of 80 persons per trip, on a regular basis. Therefore, schoolchildren, teachers, farmers, patients, and the rest of the villagers must travel to the adjoining village without any safety measures, placing their lives in great risk on every journey. According to the villagers, these people are unaware of the safety measures and the process that needs to be followed in order to ensure that their lives are not in danger. This village faces floods severely when it rains heavily and the river overflows.

Hence, the villagers requested for life jackets as the first step to offer some kind of protection on their daily boating trips, as it is hugely life threatening when crossing the river in the boat, especially during the rainy season, when the river floods. They have also requested for safety signs to be put up, in order to create awareness among all people. We will be providing the above-mentioned too. 

The four main contributors who sent the above concerns will be given titles as the first LG Ambassadors in Sri Lanka, and awarded for their initiative and contribution towards highlighting issues in their villages and suggesting solutions to these issues. The projects are scheduled to commence soon.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Mar 30 2021

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