Finale Runway CFW Day 3

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:05 AM Apr 10 2021
Glamour Finale Runway CFW Day 3

By Shafiya Nawzer

Colombo Fashion Week’s is on a mission is to establish, develop and maintain an efficient fashion eco-system that incubates the best of Sri Lankan fashion design before it is presented to the world. The final day drew to a close at the Shangri-La, Colombo. Fashionistas were out in full swing to see the designers present their collections.

Aslam Hussein

Opening the finale runway Aslam Hussein showcased a variety of elevated suiting styles. His signature dramatic styles and eye-catching statement sleeves made this collection stand out. It featured silhouettes that were structured, sharp, and defined. In keeping with the theme of circularity, this collection consisted of bold patterns, fresh materials, and exciting new silhouettes to give an old staple new life. Sticking religiously to his style oeuvre of creating couture clothes, in this collection, Aslam interspersed prints and sparkling silks to create designs in his signature style. The combination of rich fabric and structured silhouettes conveyed his expression of an stylistic impression. 

LOVI Sarong

LOVI’s collection was a fusion of the East and West. Incorporating modern and traditional yet keeping it extremely minimal. The collection was in collaboration with Alberica and Asanka de Mel; an Italian designer and Sri Lankan craftsmanship coming together. Fusing Italian design and Sri Lankan craftsmanship, Handloom and gold, rooted in the LOVI sarong silhouette! Elegantly tailored sarongs and pants were highlighted in the colours gold and black. LOVI also showcased a few minimalistic dresses and outfit options for females. The collection was simple and classy.

Ayesh Milendra

Titled, ‘Into The Dark’ Ayesh Milendra’s collection focused on the concepts of the eclipse, witchcraft, dark and light forms of magic. In keeping with Responsibility in Fashion, Ayesh used draping and zero waste techniques as a key part of his collection this season. Hippy silhouettes adorned with bold prints paired with flawless cuts helped to make this collection a success. It was layers of flowy fabric draped together in dark shades. The designs were a marriage of modern western and classic silhouettes.

Nilusha Maddumage

Nilusha Maddumage’s collection was about celebrating a contented life. It explored the basic human need to survive can also be used against us perfect people-conquering tools. Rejecting cultural and social circumstances that cause stereotypes, she used silhouettes that were functional and asymmetrical to create easy movement and flow.

The collection explored how the earth is bountiful yet is being destroyed by humans and how it also has the power to destroy us. It was a call to action to protect our environment. Nilusha’s designs brought electric energy to the ramp with her striking use of earthly accents in her clothing. A quirky and eclectic collection of separates that can be mixed and matched with ease. Her creations were versatile, multi-use, and sustainable, yet stylish statement pieces.

Sonali Dharmawardena

Sonali Dharmawardena brought a collection of growth, harmony, and hope to Colombo Fashion Week Summer 2021. Her simple silhouettes were reinvented into a beautiful piece of clothing while using sustainable fashion practices. The bright flame of the Sonali collection was the highlight of the finale. Well known for creating fusions of traditional and ancient styles of clothing, hers were simply stunning beautiful red-carpet-worthy outfits in black, blue, and beeralu lace made their way down the runway.

Sonali prides herself in attention to detail, preserving the craftsmanship and techniques of the longstanding textile. Her specialty lies in working with natural fabric using wax as a resist and dye to create her signature lines of fabric. The colours of the collection she presented perfectly echoed vibrant yellows and green. The saree’s stood out with contrasting coloured blouses.

All in all, it was a wonderful show of exquisite allure, fashion, and style. Each designer had put in a lot of hard work for their showcase. That is a wrap to HSBC Colombo Fashion Week Summer 2021.

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:05 AM Apr 10 2021

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