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CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 19 2020
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House of Lonali lovingly upcycles unwanted textiles from large manufacturers, waste that would otherwise end up as landfill, and transforms them into original clothes and lifestyle products. Lonali works closely with the cottage industries in Sri Lanka to hand-make its pieces, providing income in fair conditions for local artisans. 

ABSOLUTE is a brand built on a genuine need to cater all your capsule & essential clothing needs. Designed & developed in Sri Lanka, the brand is passionate about timeless pieces that won’t go out of style. Their efforts are to promote slow fashion in Sri Lanka by helping all of us to make conscious buying decisions, as opposed to a culture of buying anything & everything that’s available in the marketplace.

Aviika is a homegrown brand that was founded by Amanda Wijemanne as she wished to introduce unique jewellery at an affordable price to anyone who loves and cares for exquisite handmade jewellery. Having come from a family that is in the precious and semi-precious gem stone industry, Amanda thrives in using unusual gem stones in her pieces, making it an opportunity to introduce any jewellery lover to the vast world of beautiful and colourful gem stones. 

Nåd, meaning grace in English, is part of the brand’s design ethos, focusing on the smoothness and style of movement through silhouette, fabric and accessories. Adopting a Scandinavian design style of simplicity and minimalism, the brand’s designer fuses her signature with tropical modernism influences, a movement which was very much adopted within Sri Lanka, in the late 1970s, thanks to Geoffrey Bawa.

Made from the finest hand picked linen and cotton, Linen & Life designs are crafted for the perfect day out, effortless style at work and understated chic at night. Linen & Life offers you flawlessly imagined designer wear for sophisticated men and women of all ages. All their clothing is lovingly designed and detailed for you by Ramona Pulle. Linen & Life evokes her personified sense of style; classic, chic, yet comfortable sense of style. Founded in 2001.

Kapraha India is a homegrown clothing label - styled, designed and created by Anushree Saraf Pabuwal of Jaipur. This label was born from the idea of paying homage to the beautiful craft of hand block printing and including traditional methods into creating contemporary capsule collections.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Dec 19 2020

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