Fashion Tips for Video Calls

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 11 2021
Glamour Fashion Tips for Video Calls

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy 

The pandemic and work from home have greatly impacted fashion. With lockdowns and work from home, zoom meetings became the platform of meetings, work, and education. Hence the importance of looking presentable in front of the camera has become important. No one wants to look unprofessional in front of their clients, colleagues, students, or business partners through a video call. It is important to be prepared before the meeting or lecture starts, be presentable and professional. Starting from your looks and to your background is important to look professional in meetings, dress up and present yourself in your best version.

Sometimes it may be a little stressful to think or plan your meeting, what to wear, and where to sit. Some do not take a video call seriously, hence face it unprepared. Some struggle to adjust the position, light, and frame after the meetings are started, and note that such situations are highly unprofessional. That definitely has a bad impression on you. So, it is important to be prepared, be smart, and professional for your meeting. Here are some fashion tips on how to dress for video calls. 

Choosing what to wear 

When choosing a dress for your meeting, consider something that is brightly coloured. Vibrant colours will look great on camera and will uplift your personality. But too noisy or patterned fabric will not look so impressive in front of the camera. A flat coloured top with some interesting detail such as notable collars, sleeves, or a bow will look nice. A blazer will make you look professional and powerful. Avoid t-shirts, tank tops, sunny and casual dresses with open necklines. Also, avoid loose tops and shawls. Although only your top can be seen it is always wise to wear matching and suitable pants or a skirt, just in case you have to get up. Large hanging earrings will create noise and dance around while you talk. So it is better to go with simple accessories. Wear a nice watch to complete your look. 

Blouses or sweaters are perfect on-camera options for maintaining your professional image while still feeling comfortable at home. If it’s standard practice to wear a dress and heels in your office, you may feel more confident wearing a dress and heels on your video calls. V-neck tops are very flattering as they elongate your torso, especially when the bottom half of your body isn’t able to create visual balance in the frame. A collared shirt without a jacket and tie is a perfect example of bringing your look down a notch while still maintaining professionalism. You can layer it with a sweater to add more interest or a nice polo or cardigan. 

Make-up is important but do not overdo it 

A light layer of highlighters and bronzers will contour your face with a subtle line of eyeliner; shadow will enhance your eyes. A warm tone of lipstick or tinted lip balm will complete your look. Makeup helps you to avoid looking pale and dull in front of the camera. 


Hair must look neat and tidy. Messy and loose hair will not make you look professional. Therefore, pull back your hair and keep your face free of any flyaway hairs. The background - The background plays a very important role in zoom meetings. Make sure your background is simple and not cluttered. Remove clutter and clear the mess of the background and avoid sitting in front of bookshelves, cupboards, or designed walls. That could be distracting for the viewer. Also, make sure there are no doors or windows in the background as your family members or pets walk in and out that will be very unprofessional. 

Sit comfortably 

No matter how well you are dressed, if you are uncomfortably seated or slouched, you will look ugly for your viewers. So make sure your chair is comfortable and has a strong back and armrest. Avoid sitting on a fancy chair with busy designs or cushions that will make you lean on them. Also keep your notes, notepad, pens, water, etc at a reachable distance. Your posture and body movements can make a great difference in front of the camera. 

Place the computer on a table 

Do not place the computer on your lap or in a lower place. Always keep it on a table if joining a video conference. Make sure the camera is at or just above your eye level. That will capture a good frame of your face. 

Lighting is important 

Don’t sit in a dark place. Open your windows or doors and light the room well. Use natural light if possible. If not, switch on indoor lights and use an extra flashlight focused on you if needed. Make sure the artificial light sources are white light and not coloured lights.  

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 11 2021

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