Fall 2021 by Lois London

By Glamour Editorial | Published: 2:10 AM Oct 9 2021
Glamour Fall 2021 by Lois London

By Glamour Editorial

I nclusivity and diversity in fashion and beauty brands are no longer mere trends; they’re powerful movements that are here to stay. These movements are driven to empower individuals of all shapes, colours and sizes and to inspire them to be the best version of themselves. Radhika Perera Hernandez is a British-born Sri Lankan designer and the brainchild behind the brand Lois London. The clothing line offers multi-functional elegant, classy silhouettes mixed with intrigue and glamorous styles.

Lois London was created in 2012 in New York when Radhika was working full-time in the fashion industry. She has always drawn inspiration from local culture and western fashion; now conjuring the spirits of international fashion right at home in Sri Lanka.

 “Creating my own brand was an expression of my love for vintage and desire to build my own brand identity through the art of draping,” she stated. Moving to Sri Lanka from New York, Radhika has continued to successfully establish herself in Sri Lanka’s fashion industry as one of the foremost fashion designers.

 High-end fashion is a category known to be reserved for small size ranges, but Lois London has always been determined to leave that trend in the past and inspire by catering free size and US size 0-16 pieces in their collections. The brand has been featured in multiple top publications such as Harpers Bazaar, Elle Magazine and proudly showcased at New York Fashion Week. The brand creates beautiful, timeless investment pieces – the type of garments that would remain an integral part of a wardrobe for decades. 

The line consists of high-quality pieces that can be worn and styled in multiple ways; a free size that changes as your body changes – from youth to motherhood, and into your golden years. Each garment perfectly accents a variety of silhouettes. Intricate draping, rich colours, and airy fabrics put the wearer in touch with her inner goddess. These dresses are not driven by trend or fast fashion notions. Instead, they are built on an ethos of quality and longevity. 

The clothes are designed with each body in mind, accentuating the beauty of the wearer with sinuous lines. They recently launched their latest Collection and to say it was spectacular is an understatement. The Collection consisted of a tight capsule of fall-driven pieces, many of which are convertible. 

The colour palette is rich in warm hues of mustard, teal, and rust and the fabrics vary from stretch crepes to earth tone prints. “Our campaign features a beautiful culmination of people from different walks of life, confidently portraying the importance of inclusivity in fashion. Together they represent the beauty of what can happen when lines are not drawn,” Radhika explained. 

The Collection consisted of sophisticated silhouettes, flowy fabric and palettes of colour with an elegant and modern outlook. The styles were subtle yet aesthetically pleasing; the highlight in each piece is versatile and can be styled in different ways. Merging exotic prints with their signature draping style dresses. Here are our favourite picks from their latest trends. 

Photo courtesy: You’re My Favorite NYC 

Models: Mika Tenakoon Shan Silvade Shanaya Nanayakkara (Instagram @Shawtycynthia_makeup) 

Makeup : Dominique Ksacha (@niquesfaces )  

By Glamour Editorial | Published: 2:10 AM Oct 9 2021

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