Explosion reported in Bambalapitiya

Kumudu Jayawardana (RP) | Published: 9:31 AM Dec 2 2021
Local Explosion reported in Bambalapitiya

An explosion believed to have been caused by a gas leak occurred in a house down School Lane, Bambalapitiya this morning (02).

A four-burner gas stove, the regulator and the flexible hose used for the LP gas cylinder had exploded, damaging the kitchen. 

The house did not suffer extensive damage, while no casualties were reported either. 

The owner of the house had purchased the gas cylinder on 26 November, and had recently gotten both the regulator and the hose checked for any defects from the relevant company that sold the cylinder.

She said she and obtained a certificate that there were no defects in it.

However, she said it exploded when the gas stove was switched on this morning.

Kumudu Jayawardana (RP) | Published: 9:31 AM Dec 2 2021

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