Expediting Purchase of COVID Test Kits Approved

BY THAMEENAH RAZEEK | Published: 2:00 AM May 5 2021


With the discovery of the new variant of COVID-19, the Cabinet has approved expediting the purchase of the testing kits and other equipment required to carry out PCR tests as per requirements. Addressing the weekly Cabinet press briefing yesterday (4), at Department of Government Information, Co-Cabinet Spokesperson Dr. Ramesh Pathirana said that the demand for PCR tests in Government laboratories have increased to around 20,000 per day and will be increased in the future. 

He noted that a considerable number of COVID-19 positive cases were reported across the country and there were some shortages in hospital beds in different areas. He said that there are about 14,455 hospital beds currently, and the Government is expecting to increase the number of hospital beds by 3,000. “Not only increasing the facilities in the hospitals but the health authorities have also introduced a hotline to contact the nearest health officer. Anyone can contact through 1906 hotline for admission to a hospital,” he said.

BY THAMEENAH RAZEEK | Published: 2:00 AM May 5 2021

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