Existing political culture must change: President

AN | Published: 4:00 PM Jan 10 2021
Politics Existing political culture must change: President

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa states that the existing political culture of forgetting the villages after coming into power has changed, and the Government will focus on achieving sustainable development in every village.

The President made these comments participating in the "Discussion with the Village" program in Lathugala, Uhana in the Ampara District yesterday (9). 

"Punishment for offences committed is a function of the law. I am not ready to intervene in this process. The previous administration pursued a policy of political witch hunts. I do not condone that practice. I called on the opposition to engage in civilized politics without misleading the public", President Rajapaksa further stated. 

Addressing the gathering President Rajapaksa remarked "People and Maha Sangha expect from me the role played by me as the Defence Secretary before I assumed Presidency. It is no secret that LTTE even targeted suicide bombers at me. This proves that Nandasena Gotabaya has two sides, and I am ready to serve the country as the President or as the Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa. I do not entertain lumpen politics like the Opposition does."

He further remarked about the hardships of the villagers, whose main livelihood is chena cultivation utilizing rainwater in Lathugala and surrounding villages. He pledged that a solution will be presented to the villagers  who are severely affected by the menace of fall armyworm caterpillars. 

AN | Published: 4:00 PM Jan 10 2021

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