Exciting Next Generation Console Games to Enjoy

By Banu Athuraliya | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 11 2021
Tech Talk Exciting Next Generation Console Games to Enjoy

By Banu Athuraliya 

Next Generation of gaming consoles are available now and as more users are getting their hands on the next generation gaming consoles - namely, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the next most important thing to look at are the games. After all, gaming consoles will only be as good as the games that are available. This is where the PlayStation 5 gets an edge over the Xbox Series X due to the higher number of exclusive launch titles available. In this article, I will focus on the PlayStation 5 games since that’s where more exciting games are available as of September 2021. As time grows, this list will only continue to grow. Join me on my Gaming channel, ‘Gaming with Andro Dollar’ - www.gaming. androdollar.com to get updated on the latest games and other gaming related exclusives. Below are the best games that I believe is available for the PlayStation 5. 

Spiderman Miles Morales Ultimate Edition 

Spiderman Mile Morales is the flagship title for the PlayStation 5 launch. It was heavily promoted as a next generation title from Sony after the huge success behind the original spiderman game on PS4. Miles Morales adds on to the experience of the first Marvel’s Spiderman game and makes stunning visual improvements on the PS5 and if you pick up the Ultimate edition of the game, you will also receive the remastered edition of the first Marvel’s Spiderman game which now looks better than ever. It truly brings that original title to the level of Miles Morales graphics wise and this makes it a must buy for the PS5 because you not only get 1 spiderman game, but 2 insanely good Spiderman games that will keep you busy for a long time with the high swinging, fighting and all the other activities in the game. Let’s not forget the blockbuster cinematic experience these games offer as well. 

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 

The Black Ops line is one of the flagship lines in the Call of Duty gaming series. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is the newest game in the lineup that now has upgraded graphics for next generation consoles and also new enhancements thanks to the new Dual sense controller. Guns now feel more real than ever with the capabilities of the controller and it will keep you engaged in the game more and more with different haptic feedback for most of the weapons. The main single player storyline is great too and has alternative endings which means you can really play this game a couple of times to fully experience it. There are constant updates to this game which will eat up your data but will always give you a fresh new look on the game and new things to do. As a multiplayer title too this is great because you can just play online with your friends without much worry if you have a good internet connection and will also keep you engaged in the interactive zombies mode. 

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition 

If you like a friendly battle with your friend, then this is a must buy game. Whenever I have a party or when most of my friends come over, this is the game they all want to play because you can insanely beat each other out. With the Mortal Kombat story evolving this year with Moral Kombat 11, the single player campaign also has a lot of action and is truly a cinematic experience with a lot of cut scenes and great storytelling. There is also a multiplayer mode and if you pick up the Ultimate edition you get unlock more to the single player campaign and also new characters including The Terminator and Rambo. If you›re a fan of MK games, this is definitely the one to get on the new Console Generation. 

FIFA 21 NXT Level Edition 

FIFA now looks better than ever upgraded for the next generation of consoles, and the NXT Level edition takes things up a notch and lets you experience a real stadium experience. This year FIFA is improved visually and adds support for the Dual sense controller to give you more feedback during a game which will keep you more involved. With FIFA 21 you get a great VOLTA football experience as well as a lot of game modes including online game modes which will keep you busy if you’re a football fan. If you’re yet to buy a FIFA game however, I would advise you to hold off a little bit and go for the newest edition FIFA 22 which is almost here and has been revealed by EA sports recently. I will have a video on this on my channel soon. 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

If you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed games, Valhalla will be a game you instantly fall in love with. Valhalla is a superb Viking adventure through Norway and England and it’s a game you can play hours and hours and there are so many things to do in this game. After all this is another Assassin’s Creed game but with Valhalla it’s not easy to just play through the main story without exploring the world and taking part in side quests. You really have to be involved with the game if you want to proceed forward because the boss battles can get difficult if you don’t have enough skill levels and weapons. The story will be interesting for you if you’re a fan of Assassin’s Creed games, and if you’re just looking to buy just 1 game for your PlayStation to get hours and hours of gameplay, this could be that one because you can easily spend over 100 hours and still have more things to do. Valhalla also has a DLC expansion available which will enhance the game even further. 

Dirt 5 

Dirt 5 is for you if you love off-road arcade racing games. Not only is there a great single player race series on Dirt 5, you can also play versus online or with your friends locally too! The single player mode doesn’t really have an interesting story behind it but it packs a lot of races in various locations all around the globe and keeps the game fresh with new vehicles and a lot of pyro. It’s a great game if you love off-road racing and with the enhancements to graphics with the new console generation on PS5, Dirt 5 looks better than ever. 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was originally launched on PS4 but it was upgraded for PS5 recently and has instantly become a must have game for any Star Wars fan. If you already have the PS4 game, you’re even entitled for a free upgrade with this. The PS5 upgrade not only has performance improvements but also really good graphics like the other titles on my list. The story of Jedi Fallen Order is also interesting and it will keep you engaged throughout the story with the various locations and new characters introduced. You get to play around with a lightsaber and the force throughout the game and as you playthrough and unlock new skills, you can make your way to become a powerful Jedi. 

Resident Evil Village 

If you’re looking for a Horror game that looks amazing on the Next generation gaming consoles, definitely checkout Resident Evil Village, the latest game in that franchise. In the past, the Resident Evil series has struggled to strike a balance between horror and action, but Village nails it, with a succession of gripping atmospheric frights interspersed by sweat-inducing firefights. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s protagonist, Ethan Winters, returns for another round of everything that goes bump in the night. Ethan is on a mission to save his daughter from werewolf and vampire gangs who have taken up home in a medieval castle and its surrounding neighborhood. Village provides a great sense of tension whether you’re in or out of fight, thanks to Capcom’s first-person combat being perfected. A whole host of hideous monsters pursue Ethan from the shadows, so whether you’re in or out of combat Village generates a powerful sense of suspense. These puzzles definitely use some work, but Resident Evil’s boss fights have never been better with interesting characters. 

Ghost of Tushima Directors Cut 

Ghost of Tushima is undoubtably one of the best games launched towards the final stages of the PS4. Developers of the game have now launched an expanded version of Ghost of Tushima for PS5 titled “Ghost of Tushima Directors Cut” and it has a PS5 version upgraded for the next generation of gaming with added enhancements and more areas to explore and enjoy. There is a great story behind Ghost of Tushima focusing on the Mogul empire and the graphics look amazing too. With intense sword fights and calm horse riding, this game is packed with a great main story and more than enough side quests and extra challenges which makes it one of the most loved games by the gaming community. If you’re looking for a great open world title, this could be the game for you and since the Directors Cut of Ghost of Tushima was just launched for the PS5, this will be a great cinematic experience on your gaming console if you haven’t played this before.

F1 2021 

If you›re a fan of Formula 1 racing, then F1 2021 is a must buy. Made targeting the next generation gaming consoles with upgraded graphics and performance improvements, F1 2021 brings more realism to the F1 franchise with an even greater story mode and lots more including a dual screen gameplay mode. All your favourite F1 stars are available on F1 2021 and not only that you also get all the great circuits available throughout the race calendar. There is a Deluxe upgrade to the game if you prefer to get more legendary characters like Michael Schumacher unlocked in the game. Check this out if you›re in love with high-speed racing to play right at home. These are just some of my favourite picks but this list keeps growing as more and more games are available. As I continue to explore more games and technology, you can join me by subscribing to my Main YouTube channel at www. youtube.com/androdollar and join me on my gaming channel at www. gaming.androdollar.com to get updated on the latest games and other gaming related exclusives. If you want to reach out to me on social media, I’m available @BanuAthuraliya or @AndroDollar.

By Banu Athuraliya | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 11 2021

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