Essential Travel Packing for Local Travellers

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 6 2021
Getaway Essential  Travel Packing for Local  Travellers

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy

Sri Lanka is an island blessed with many wonderful places to visit. Be it natural wonders or humanmade wonders; this tiny island has it all. If you are a fan of the cold Blue Mountains, or beaches, dense forests, or ancient ruined cities, you can enjoy all of them inside this little island. So yes, if you are bit by the travel bug, make plans to see some unique and rarely travelled places in Sri Lanka. My first advice to you is, make a plan.

Hippie travelling is fun, but I do not advise you that since you may encounter many difficulties in Sri Lanka. Some say light travelling is great but getting lost somewhere unknown all by yourself deprived of your basic needs, will make you feel helpless and spoil the fun of travelling.  So, always be prepared.   Travelling is fun, but you have to take measures to keep yourself safe during travelling. Unless you plan things well, your travelling fun may be spoiled. Today I will present you with some travel tips for locals. So let's get started. 

Always plan ahead

 Once you decide where you want to travel and how many days, do a quick study about the vicinity and get an idea about transportation and accommodation. It's good to keep a pocket map. Yes, you indeed have Google maps, but you cannot always rely on these electronic devices and internet coverage. So, keep a travel map. 

Clothes and  personal grooming kit

Yes, travelling packing starts with packing clothes. Pack clothes depending on your number of days. I would suggest you pack some neutral coloured comfortable clothes, preferably light cotton pants and a few t-shirts. A cotton shirt will always be among my essentials. Depending on the climate of the place you visit, pack your clothes. And don't forget your sleepwear. 

Make sure to carry a pair of rubber slippers and a pair of comfortable shoes and travelling sandals. Include a raincoat and a hat or cap along with a scarf. A towel is a must. And carry your personal grooming kit. Make sure to include tissues, wet wipes in this kit. An umbrella will always be useful.  

Always  keep cash

Once again, do not rely on electronic cash. Carry cash including some coins. 

Always carry your medicines

Although pharmacies are there all over the island, it is not always possible to purchase medicine without a doctor’s prescription. Also, if you are travelling in remote areas, it is always best to keep your essential medicines handy. 


A power bank, chargers, a few batteries, an adapter, a small flashlight will always be in my essential travel kit. 

Few handy tools

Refillable water bottle, carabineers, duct tape, padlock, and a few shopping bags. Include a few rubber bands and safety pins.

Women’s safety 

Although they say it is safe here for female travellers, I insist on taking precautions and don’t travel alone, always be with your travel partner/s. Though I hate to mention it, I advise you to dress modestly when travelling in faraway places, just to avoid unwanted attention. This little island has a conservative culture. Yes, people are friendly and helpful here, but solo female travellers should always use their sixth sense when befriending any stranger while travelling.

By Ama H. Vanniarachchy | Published: 2:00 AM Feb 6 2021

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