Ensuring good governance: Read proposed 20A twice – M12M

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 22 2020
News Ensuring good governance:  Read proposed 20A twice – M12M

The March 12th Movement stated that one can become a representative of a State with good governance only by reading the proposed 20th Amendment twice and expressing one’s own analytical and independent opinion.

The most decisive role in such an endeavour will be played by the newly elected or nominated Parliamentarians, all of whom have been elected to the Legislature as people’s representatives on democratic principles and who also have the administrative and financial responsibility of the Republic which is to be demonstrated through power and social responsibility, the Movement stated. 

Issuing a Media release in this regard, the Movement added that “We have a Constitutional Amendment that can bring about an unprecedented change in the socio-political context. If the 20th Amendment is passed in its present form, Parliamentary democracy as well as the sovereignty of the people will be shattered and the pattern of checks and balances will collapse. At the same time, the absolute power of Parliament to supervise fiscal oversight will also be lost.

 A key point reiterated in the last Parliamentary Election and concurrent election promise was to bring a new Constitution that carries out total social and political reform. Against such a backdrop, such a serious disregard for the vitality of democracy, is not a political intervention that can be easily ruled out. 

We do not recognise the 19th Amendment, as a complete Constitutional reform that fulfilled the expectations. The resulting controversies over the institutional structure and the functioning of the Constitutional Council are immense. However, the response should be to emphasise that such an innovative approach should not completely dismantle the power of each governing body and make those powers concentrated around an individual.

 It is our view that these new amendments will also reverse the optimal practice that has so far been achieved in the electoral process. The electoral democracy as a State in the exercise of Parliamentary democracy will fade in the face of such unilateral amendments without allowing space to access to such practices again.”

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 22 2020

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