Enjoining order issued against Chinese company

TPL | Published: 5:22 PM Oct 23 2021
Local Enjoining order issued against Chinese company

The Ceylon Fertilizer Company Ltd. Yesterday (22) obtained an enjoining order from the Commercial High Court against the Chinese company Qingdao Seawin Biotech, its local agent and the People's Bank, said the President’s Media Division.

The enjoining order prevents the People's Bank from making any payment under a letter of credit opened in favour of the Chinese company.

It also prevents Qingdao Seawin Biotech and its local agent from receiving any payment under the LoC.

The Court was informed that even though the Chinese Company was required to ship sterile organic fertilizer under the tender contract, it had admitted in its shipping advice that the consignment may contain microorganisms.

The National Plant Quarantine Services had tested the sample sent to them and had confirmed the presence of organisms, including certain types of harmful bacteria.

The consignment is a partial shipment worth more than a billion rupees that was procured through a tender process initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

TPL | Published: 5:22 PM Oct 23 2021

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