Economy cannot be revived – Premajayantha

By Ranmini Gunasekara | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 10 2020

By Ranmini Gunasekara

The economy cannot be rebuilt without managing COVID-19, said former Parliamentarian Susil Premajayantha yesterday (9).

He said this at a Sri Lanka Freedom People’s Alliance Media briefing. “The Opposition is now telling citizens to vote for them, so that they can revive the economy. But, no economy can be revived without the proper management of COVID-19. They made a big fuss over the Generalised Scheme/System of Preferences Plus during their time, but now European countries are those that are suffering the most under the COVID-19 crisis. These are also some of our biggest export markets. So, we need to understand this situation. It’s the same problem for tourism; people there can’t come to our country for a holiday if they are too busy dealing with COVID-19. But as soon as the country opens up once more, we should once again rebuild these industries,” he said. 

By Ranmini Gunasekara | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 10 2020

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