Due to borrowing policy of rulers: SL has become servant of others – Tilvin

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 20 2020
News Due to borrowing policy of rulers: SL has become servant of others – Tilvin

General Secretary of the JVP, Tilvin Silva, said Sri Lanka has become a servant of other countries, due to the borrowing policy followed by the rulers of the country and the Rajapaksas, who kneel before China and America, and claim on stages that they are patriotic.

He said this at a JVP Media briefing held on 18 October.

“Our country is falling into the hands of several economic powers in this region and in the world. We are in danger of becoming a playground for world powers. This situation has been created due to the foreign policy followed by this Government and the previous Government. On 8 October, a top-level Chinese diplomatic team arrived without even considering the quarantine rules. Sri Lankan Government could have done nothing but accept them. We saw the embarrassment of the Minister of Health when questions were raised in Parliament regarding this. As soon as the Chinese delegation met the President and the Prime Minister, India responded by appointing an Indian Consul to the Districts of Galle, Matara, Hambantota and Moneragala. The Consuls of Jaffna and Kandy have already been appointed. They come to the country whenever they want and influence the independence and sovereignty,” he claimed.

He further added that in this setting, the Government is attempting to pass the 20th Amendment Bill and that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is trying to create an autocratic regime that is not accountable to Parliament, Cabinet, the people and even the Judiciary. 

“There is an attempt in the 20th Amendment to control the protests of the people when betraying the country and trying to retain power by giving India, China and America whatever they ask for. We believe that the attempt to impose an autocracy by betraying the country for the sole power of one person and one family can be defeated with the intervention of the people.

 In this power struggle waged by China on one side, the United States on the other, India and Japan on another side, the Government is creating very harmful conditions for us,” he said.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 20 2020

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