Decorating Ideas for the Most Festive Christmas

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021
Home Decorating Ideas for the Most Festive Christmas

By Shafiya Nawzer 

Do you know what makes the best time of year even better? Decking out your house with Christmas decorations allow you to set the mood for this season. Out of all the holidays, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity and design aesthetics shine. Whether you're obsessed with finding the perfect spot to hang festive lights, pinpointing fun crafts to amp up your living room mantel, or settling on eye-catching table settings, there are so many Christmas decorations that can bring your space to life for the holiday.

To get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit, take a cue from these creative and festive decorating ideas for spaces big and small. The truth is, sometimes it's the simplest décor that looks chic and commands the most attention. Whether you prefer traditional decor or something a bit more out there; any of these easy Christmas decor  is bound to get into the holiday spirit.

Let your tree speak  for itself

No need to go over the top in your Christmas tree decorating. If it's a simplistic look you seek, stick to the basics when it comes to adorning your tree. A simple Christmas setup is a perfect source of naturalistic decorating inspiration.

To make a simple swap that's larger in impact, add another Christmas tree in your bedroom, guest room, or dining room to double the festive factor in the best way.

Collect figurines

Instead of hanging stockings on the mantel, deck out your desk with mini Christmas figurines. Keep collecting your miniatures so that one day, you'll eventually have an entire mini Christmas village to display.

Christmas card tree

You probably receive a countless number of Christmas cards, so pick the very best to display on your wall. Arrange them in a Christmas tree shape for a festive look.

Ornament trees

So shiny and bright and festive, you will proudly display these sparkling beauties year after year. Cover Styrofoam cones with ornaments, attaching them with hot-glue. Start with larger ornaments at the bottom, transitioning to smaller ones as you work your way up. Fill in any gaps with mini ornament balls. If desired, wrap the finished trees with vintage tinsel and beaded garlands.

Give old favourites  new life

Look for ways to maximise what you already have. It isn't necessary to buy all-new decor. You can reuse elements like ribbons, ornaments, bells, or potted plants year after year to mingle with your new seasonal finds.

Chandelier Christmas décor

For floor-to-ceiling festivity, don't forget to look up. Embellish light fixtures and tabletops with greenery and berries. A strand of evergreen garland looks super sophisticated draped over the right chandelier.

Crafty leaf garland

Put your creativity on full display by dressing your Christmas dinner table with a DIY leaf garland. All you need are green craft paper and fun red jingle bells to complete the look.

Use special wrapping

Coordinate your gift wrapping to compliment the colour scheme in your living room. Use the same techniques for your ornaments for a cohesive whole.

Hang a festive banner

Whether you're known to procrastinate or just prefer to keep things simple, this decorating staple could be set up minutes before your guests arrive. A glittery holiday banner draped across your mantle instantly ups the Christmas cheer and looks Instagrammable to boot.

Staircase bows

Add large bows on your staircase and for an instant upgrade, secure a cluster of shiny red ornaments in the centre. Fasten to garland where it attaches to railings.

Make your own topper

Christmas is a time for fun and festivities– don't let your tree get too caught up in serious tradition! For homemakers looking to try something a little more glamorous, a sparkly Christmas decoration is the perfect way to add drama to your treetop. To make your tree topper, bundle together a group of curly silver sticks from your local craft store, and wire the creation to the top of your tree. Decorate the rest of your tree with bright, equally glitzy colours like hot pink and gold.

Swap prints for more  seasonal options

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to infuse your home with some holiday spirit? Print out free or low-cost printable and swap them into pre-existing frames around your house for the season.

Berries galore

Looking for an easy way to take simple garland to the next level? For a standout holiday entrance, wrap garland in red berries. It’s a perfect accent to frame your door and then hang a wreath of the same design to pull the look together.

Make a creative advent  calendar

Turn a kitchen garland into an advent calendar. Attach a ribbon across it and then hang little tin containers labelled with the day of the month and fill them with treats. Now that's our kind of giving tree.

DIY a table runner

Whether you gather them from your backyard, a nearby park, or your local farmer's market, clusters of pine needles make for the perfect Christmas décor. We love the idea of lining them up down the middle to create the look of a fresh runner. Add a velvet or silk bow for a festive touch.

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 27 2021

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