Dear ‘Minuwangoda’,

By Dilshani Palugaswewa | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 24 2020

By Dilshani Palugaswewa 

It is a crime to abscond arrest, be an accomplice to a crime or to aid and abet one – textbook lessons one might think, on how to avoid committing a crime. Yet, authorities themselves choose to differentiate a criminal from criminals with power. Apparently, the common denominator isn’t the defining factor but strong corrupt power and communications. Thus, the tagline of ‘One Country One Law’ often gets tangled in logic. But now you get it right? 

For instance, in a recent incident when an MP was hunted down by authorities, and was finally found in a house where he took refuge, the couple who owned the house and gave shelter to the MP was also subsequently arrested for being an accomplice – logical right?  

Instance two, another Minister publicly confesses to harbouring a fugitive for 35 days when he was wanted by authorities, and as you may be well aware; a subsequent arrest of the Minister who himself is a member of the Bar Association didn’t happen. Why? I’ll let you decipher.  

Meanwhile, we lost an underworld kingpin in a ‘crossfire’ who took nothing but 80 names with him into the deep ground of a grave. How timely and accidentally unfortunate? Just when names of numerous big fish were dangled in front of the whale, he was ambushed by the shark.  

While we are on the topic, let’s please talk about the horrific pictures of his dead body that was widely circulated on social media platforms for reasons unknown. I know Halloween is around the corner and all, but let’s please respect the fact that he has left this earthly realm and not many people are open to the idea of examining crime scene pictures or delighted by dead bodies drenched in blood.   

Another hot topic? How a son of the Premier who served as a high ranking official in a branch of the armed forces, was suddenly appointed to work as a staff officer to the Premier. Calm down Sri Lanka, this is not an out-of-place appointment – he is qualified for the position with four years of experience. His words not mine. And, wait for it...he changed careers on his father’s request even though he has publicly shared in the past that it was his lifelong dream to be in the forces. To quote him from an interview a few years back, “I haven’t thought about politics and I don’t think I ever will...I am proud of it and I have worked hard for it.”  So, let’s just laud him for his sacrifice, shall we? I know you had some concerns over him being the Premier’s son and serving at a Government post even after the President announced last year that family appointments will not be entertained, so of course there is an explanation here too.  It’s as simple as this - the post in question is not a Government job (although it is Government-paid). Case closed.  

Here, another point of concern was if or not he had resigned from his Government position to take up the offer of his father, and as it turns out he indeed has, a whole eight months prior to the appointment. He resigned from his previous position and got confirmation of the approval of his resignation from the relevant Ministry coincidentally one day after he posted a picture on social media wearing the military uniform. You want an explanation? He was just feeling nostalgic I suppose.  Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it was pointed out in social media after which the official confirmation of his date of resignation was announced. 

Not sure if this sounds like someone who was dead set on doing what he wanted to, but what exactly is the explanation for blowing up funds on foreign trainings when there was way for a career change from the armed services to one that his father was able to persuade him into. Why waste someone else’s opportunity, and someone else’s valuable experience? Logical or not, there is no explaining. Oh wait, there is. ‘One Family, One Country.’ 

This is all starting to make sense, isn’t it? 

In other news, COVID-19 cases are increasing in numbers. Cases detected in Dehiwala, Peliyagoda fish market, Fort Police Station, World Trade Centre, Ward Place, Pettah and so on, but luckily there is no need to be on tenterhooks as there is no community spread, as assured by our Health Minister. The Minister in question received much flak for her ‘in denial’ comments but I think she is not wrong. She just doesn’t want to discriminate – this is the Wuhan cluster that has spread all throughout the world becoming a sub cluster; we are one big Sri Lankan cluster. That or our country has gone through a name change to ‘Minuwangoda’ and we just don’t know it yet. 


Not that family, I don’t know which country

By Dilshani Palugaswewa | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 24 2020

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