Dear Anyone,

By Dilshani Palugaswewa | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 16 2021

By Dilshani Palugaswewa 

If you feel confused and consumed by the world right now, your workload or just your thoughts, zoom out of your screens, look up and take a breather. If it’s all too much. Put away your gadgets, forget about your digits and listen. Listen to your body and immerse yourself in whatever feels right. Shift your focus to yourself. We all, too often forget ourselves in the hustle and bustle of making a living, taking care of others, running errands, being there for friends, emotionally investing in doom-scrolling world affairs, and the struggle of merely getting by; making it to the next morning like you we are supposed to, and then rinse and repeat. 

Truth is, millions of people across the seas and over the oceans didn’t wake up to a mundane Monday because it doesn’t always happen. There is no guarantee but uncertainty. If you are alive, realise that however mundane your morning/day/week might be, you’re fortunate to have opened your eyes. Take time to be grateful for those little things we easily take for granted; another day, another meal, another sunset. Count your blessings. Breathe. Smile. Make time for yourself and recharge. Take a walk, bring out the canvas or pen your journal. 

Cry if you feel like it, laugh if that’s the medicine you need, gaze at the stars if it comforts you or read a book beneath the shade of a tree for tranquillity. De-clutter your mind, organise your thoughts, connect with your surroundings and marvel at its simplicity and its immensity. When you look closer you’ll see that is all so extraordinary. Ever wondered what would happen if the sun doesn’t shine tomorrow? If the day doesn’t break? What if it never rains again? How do rainbows come out in same exact colours? What if there was no air? How we take it all for granted! Don’t chase the paradise in heavily-edited images on social media when the real paradise is right under your nose. 

And while we’re being grateful, don’t wait until you’re done with a project to schedule a call to your family who you’ve been constantly thinking about but you just, “Can’t find the time.” Don’t waste good days harping on the three bad things that have happened to you when you have hundreds of great things to turn your day around. Don’t lose the opportunity to thank someone for their kindness because they didn’t ‘have’ to but they still were. Slow down, be mindful and be present. There is nothing more healing to the soul than being grateful. Take time to reflect, recognise and rectify. Stop yourself when you fail to appreciate something or hesitate to spread positivity. 

Rewire your brain to focus on the important and good things. Value your journey, your experiences, your people and the opportunities you have been presented with. Bottom line: Protect your sanctuary; your mind. When it calls for space, give it enough. If something is weighing you down, cut those strings. It’s not being selfish to take care of yourself. Don’t be guilty if you put yourself first because that is the only right way – just like you’re advised to wear the oxygen mask yourself first before attending to another, when it suspends in front of you during an aircraft emergency. Mental wellbeing is important for all of us, and it is not reached by material riches; not by our monthly earnings or the size of our houses. You are worth the quiet moment. You are worth the peace of mind. You are worth the time it takes to recuperate. You are worth all the things you feel, so inhale deeper and exhale louder and repeat. 


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By Dilshani Palugaswewa | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 16 2021

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