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CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 2 2021
Glamour Cosy While Chill

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

With the cooler weather setting in as we near the final months of the year, it’s time to bring out the ‘winter wardrobe.’ Yes, although Sri Lanka doesn’t experience what you would call an actual winter, the cooler months are just chilly enough to pull out several outfits you wouldn’t have been able to wear during the hot, humid months of July and August. 

Of course, with the current pandemic, going outside still isn’t a great idea. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a cosy, but clean style when taking part in that online meeting. Not only that, when the opportunity does arise, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few ideas ready on what to wear either. If you hadn’t considered these winter wardrobe ideas before, I strongly recommend you do. 

The Hoodie Combo 

Hoodies aren’t just for the indoors. They also make a great option to wear as an extra layer, especially when you’re out in the late evening. Of course, if you’re further up in the central regions, don’t even think twice about sporting one all day, especially in this time of year. It might be the perfect option for that online hangout with friends, but if you’re wearing this for a business meeting, you might want to make sure you have a passable look. 

When you’re taking your hoodie outside, not only will it keep you warm and bring that soft, cosy feel of a blanket with you everywhere you go, you’ll also be able to protect yourself from any rains and also have a stylish outer layer of clothing.

 The Bomber Jacket

 If a hoodie might break the dress code, then a bomber jacket will easily help you get past the fashion police. Pair your jacket with a tasteful tee and you’ll be perfectly comfortable for that meeting while looking your best. Of course, collared polos and shirts go well with the bomber jacket as well. But if you are going for one, just make sure the collar isn’t overpowering the look of your jacket. Going outside? Then consider a pair of matching chinos. You can also make do with some form-fitting jeans, but make sure that the colours work well with each other. 

The Long Sleeve + T-Shirt Combo 

Wearing a t-shirt with a contrasting shirt is another great look that’s usually too warm for Sri Lanka. But that’s a completely different story once we edge closer to December. You can opt to either wear the sleeves down or rolled up a bit, for added flair. If it’s for your online meeting, then there wouldn’t really be a difference, but when out and about, it’s a different story. 

Try both in front of a mirror and see what works for you. Keep in mind that contrast is key for succeeding in this look. If your shirt has patterns, make sure your tee is of a solid and plain colour. The same goes the other way around. If you’re opting for a tee with some flair in it, make sure your shirt is more subdued and mellow. 

Choice of Colours 

It’s important to consider the colours of the outfits you will be wearing. While the warmer months warrant bright and lively designs and colours, consider more subdued and mellow colours for the colder times of the year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality shine out. Think of ways to add that spice to your outfit. A splash of colour and vibrance among the subdued hues is a great way to stand out from the crowd. 

The Beauty of Layers 

You might have already noticed the common theme of layers. Although Sri Lanka’s weather dictates that layers are a bad idea most of the year, don’t be afraid to take full opportunity of using layers when the season does permit. It’s able to add a completely new dynamic look, with minimal effort. So go ahead. Go through your wardrobe and consider some ways to incorporate layers to create a fresh new look for when you step outside, and while chilling indoors. You’ll be able to stay chill while still staying cosy.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 2 2021

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