Colombo inflation relentless four months on

BY PANEETHA AMERESEKERE | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 31 2021


Colombo inflation accelerated for the fourth consecutive month to July, increasing by 5.7 per cent year-on-year (YoY) and achieving its highest increase in 17 months, Census and Statistics Department (CSD) data released on Friday (30) showed. Increase in the rate of Colombo inflation last registered a higher figure than 5.7 per cent was 17 months ago in February 2020, where Colombo inflation increased by 6.2 per cent, YoY that month. 

Both food and non-food inflation contributed to this increase, with food inflation increasing by 11 per cent and non-food inflation by 3.2 per cent, YoY last month. Food inflation has been in the double digit range for the second consecutive month to last month, with food inflation increasing by 11.3 per cent YoY in June. 

Meanwhile, the main non-food items that contributed to a hike in inflation last month were the price of kerosene oil up by 10 per cent YoY to Rs 77 a litre, petrol up by 14.60 per cent to Rs 157 a litre, diesel, up 6.73 per cent to Rs 111 a litre and LPG Gas up by 9.60 per cent to Rs 1,636.27 per litre, respectively. Among some of the contributory factors for the increase in food inflation last month were the price of a kilo of red rice increasing by 3.91 per cent YoY to Rs 102.08, white rice by 15.31 per cent to Rs 113.34 a kg, white nadu rice by 19.59 per cent to Rs 120.60 a kg, red nadu rice by 12.72 per cent to Rs 120.93 a kg, samba rice by 49.11 per cent to 153.78 a kg, cowpea by 86.56 per cent to Rs 716.62 a kg, green gram by 167.63 per cent to Rs 912.34 a kg, coconut by 21.62 per cent to Rs 79.60 a nut, coconut oil by 37.01 per cent to Rs 510.26 per bottle of 750ml, chicken by 7.95 per cent to Rs 557.15 a kg, red onion by 40.67 per cent to Rs389.94 a kg, big onion by 33.48 per cent to Rs 117.87 a kg. Potatoes by 7.72 per cent to Rs 185.62 a kg, garlic by 61.28 per cent to Rs 493.05 a kg, dried chillies by 13.34 per cent to Rs 626.72 a kg, green chillies by 7.15 per cent to Rs 405.58 a kg, pepper by 1.27 per cent to Rs 1,375.43 a kg, carrot by 9.61 per cent to Rs 208.34 a kg, snake gourd by 39.23 per cent to Rs234.47 a kg, capsicum by 23.57 per cent to Rs 370.79 a kg, beetroot by 17 per cent to Rs204.79 a kg beans by 12.43 per cent to Rs 282.99 a kg, seer fish by 4.14 per cent to Rs 1,942.99 a kg, thalapath fish by 3.59 per cent to Rs 1,375.83 a kg paraw by 1.11 per cent to Rs 1280.50 a kg, katta dry fish by 10.58 per cent to Rs 1,665.77 a kg and dried sprats by 17.85 per cent to Rs 831.62 a kg, respectively.

BY PANEETHA AMERESEKERE | Published: 2:00 AM Jul 31 2021

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