Clogard lends a helping hand to DWC at Sri Pada

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 18 2021

Clogard lent a helping hand to the Department of Wildlife Conservation in pioneering a social endeavor aiming to protect the ecosystem surrounding the sacred Sri Pada. A series of initiatives were carried out in the backdrop of escalating plastic pollution on the Sri Pada site which is home to rich biodiversity. Clogard’s reasons for engaging with this project were two-fold.

 As a truly Sri Lankan brand, that has been a staple of Sri Lankan culture and heritage for decades, the brand felt that it was important to build awareness and preserve the very roots of Sri Lankan culture, in order to help the land flourish, while also educating the Sri Lankan people on the proper methods of disposing of plastic in order to preserve the environment for both themselves and their fellow Sri Lankans. 

This campaign was entitled ‘Jala Mula Rakimu Samanola Gira’ At the heart of this project which was conducted from April to May was an initiative to raise awareness among the pilgrims on the proper disposal of plastic in a manner which does not harm the environment. 

The Clogard team came forward to display awareness boards along the route to Sri Pada, as reminders to protect the sacred site from plastic pollution. The team also volunteered in collecting the plastic debris along the Sri Pada route and handed it over to a designated garbage collector.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 18 2021

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