Cinemas close during the Avurudu in Jaffna

By Shashi kumar – Mullaitivu | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 12 2021

By Shashi kumar – Mullaitivu

Director of Health, of the Northern Province, 

Dr. A Kedheeswaran said that during the Sinhala Tamil New Year period, all cinema halls in the Jaffna District will be closed temporarily and steps have been taken to temporarily stop tuition classes and holding of weddings. 

With 18 Corona infected patients being reported from the Jaffna District during the past two days, this decision was taken based on the fact that there was a suspicion regarding the Coronavirus spreading within the Jaffna District during the period of the festival, Dr. Kedheeswaran said. 

On 24 March schools, fairs, public market complexes and bus stations in the Jaffna district were closed due to a group of approximately 300 Corona infected persons being reported within a period of a week. 

However, on 8 April, steps were taken by Health Officials to reopen some of the Jaffna fairs and some sales outlets of the Public Market Complex as well as the Central Bus Stand. However, all cinema halls, tuition classes and festive events in the Jaffna District have had to be banned once again.

Health Officials of Jaffna have advised people of the Jaffna District to visit shops and other sales outlets during the festive season while strictly following health protection rules.

By Shashi kumar – Mullaitivu | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 12 2021

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