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By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 21 2020
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By Shafiya Nawzer

The festive season is just around the corner, you’ll be decking the halls with Christmas decorations before you know it. While wreaths, stockings, and your classic well-appointed pine tree are mandatory for this time of year, your decorations can always use a refresh.

If you love nothing more than twinkle lights, loads of plaid decor and glitter galore, Christmas is the time to put it all on full display. When it comes to decorating your home for the holiday season, you can choose everything from a well-decorated mantel to a dinner table that’s spruced up with standout centrepieces. Whether you prefer to stick to a traditional red and green colour palette or go for a more surprising look.

We have rounded up some of our favourite Christmas decoration ideas for just about every room in your house, from your kitchen to your living room. You can choose from creative wreaths, eye-catching garland ideas, stylish stockings, and many more festive finds to show off your holiday spirit.

Wrap your front door with ribbon

Make an entrance! All you need to follow this simple but highly-effect decorating trend is a reel of ribbon. Simply, cross two lengths of ribbon across the door, one smaller strip horizontally and a full-length vertical and measure to the top of the door. It’s easy to do and easy to remove, once the season is over.

For added flourish adding a floral wreath is a beautiful touch, but if the budget doesn’t stretch you could simply tie the ribbon in a statement bow.

Collect figurines

Instead of hanging stockings on the mantel, deck out your coffee table with mini Christmas figurines. Keep collecting your miniatures so that one day, you’ll eventually have an entire mini Christmas village to display.

Bits of flair

You want to add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen, but you also don’t want it to get in your way. A small wreath hanging from the window does the trick and will remind you of the holiday season while you’re washing dishes!

Forage for foliage to make a wreath

Trees, wreaths, garlands, sprayed twigs – nature is cool at Christmas, and it’s free. Get your boots on and get foraging for holly, pine cones, herbs, sprigs and twigs before getting home and twisting and turning them into botanical masterpieces. There is no reason why you can’t do Christmas on a budget! It’s a cost-effective way to dress a front door in style.

Bold palette

There’s no reason why you can’t embrace bold colours for the holiday season. Give the traditional Christmas palette a break and opt for a combination of white and bright colours. Incorporate pops of gingham to finish the look.

Use special wrapping

Coordinate your gift wrapping to compliment the colour scheme in your living room. Use the same techniques for your ornaments for a cohesive whole.

Use a ladder

Instead of opening a flimsy cardboard box, hang up a DIY Advent calendar on a ladder or the tree. Decorated muslin craft bags conceal treats, toys, and messages from Santa and you can fill them again next year, too.

Toy train

There’s a reason that antique toys are often used as under-the-tree decorations, they’re adorable and classic.

Curate a Christmas display

Make the most of every surface to style a spectacular Christmas display. Use seasonal fruits to dress side tables, sideboards and even mantels to create a beautifully rich display, on a cheap budget. Generous vases filled with apples are an easy decor detail that requires minimal effort for maximum style. Consider alternative seasonal fruits to suit your colour scheme, such as oranges.

Festive pillow

Watching your favourite holiday movies will be way more enjoyable with a cosy throw pillow in the mix. Top a red pillow with white ribbon and a bit of greenery to enliven any basic chair or sofa.

DIY an advent calendar

If you’re not feeling traditional chocolate or toy advent calendars, make your own with paper tags and on-theme trinkets. That way, the whole family can join in on the fun.

Decorate the bar

If you’re entertaining guests this holiday season, don’t forget to the prep bar. Aside from stocking it with the necessary beverage ingredients, style it by adding some greenery and a festive candlestick holder.

Dress the table with handmade crackers

This year why not make your crackers to save on costs? To save on budget and waste, because both are much-needed at this time of the year. Plus handmade place settings make guests feel extra welcome. Simply place a treat inside a cardboard roll, wrap crepe paper or even fabrics scraps around, and then tie the ends with ribbon.

Stir creativity by upcycling food tins

Upcycle simple tin cans and turn them into twinkling lanterns. To create your own, start by peeling the labels off your cans and running them thoroughly in water for a shiny finish. Next, fill them with water and pop them in the freezer. Once frozen, draw a heart or star on paper and tape the sketch onto each tin. With a hammer and a nail, pierce the tin following the pattern (the ice inside will stop the tin denting).

After thawing the tins, wash them out and add a handle using aluminium wire. Finally, light a nightlight inside and line up two or three in a row for a homemade Christmas decoration with plenty of natural charm.

String up socks as an alternative garland

If you’re on a budget, what could be better than using socks to form an advent garland? You simply need to find 24 socks and some form of ribbon or string. Put a tiny stitch in each to get the socks in place, securely along the length of ribbon. Next, you need to add numbers onto a card tag and attach those using mini wooden pegs, which you can pick up super cheap in most craft shops. All that’s left to do is fill each one with a treat for every day of advent.

Go for the candy effect                  

Skip the traditional red and green, and opt for candy-coloured ornaments instead. Add some candy canes and peppermint garland for good measure.

Swap out your tablecloth

Drape a plaid blanket over a plain table to add colour and creativity with basically zero work involved.

Jingle all the way and happy decorating!

By Shafiya Nawzer | Published: 2:00 AM Nov 21 2020

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