Chemical fertiliser ban will be catastrophic – SJB

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM May 3 2021
News Chemical fertiliser ban will be catastrophic – SJB

The Government’s decision to ban chemical fertilisers will plunge the country, battered by the pandemic, into a preventable catastrophe, the SJB stated in the press release yesterday (2).

“Increasing the productivity of agriculture is essential for the country’s food security as well as enterprise and export agriculture. The Government’s proposition that it will compensate for possible losses of harvest due to non-use of chemical fertilisers is simply a myth,” argued the SJB.

The Party was worried that this ban would adversely affect the tea, rubber, and coconut sectors. Concerns were also raised about a possible food crisis, following the implementation of this ban.

The SJB agreed that the goal of producing all of the country’s food using non-toxic chemicals was a good idea but stressed that this should be achieved through systematic implementation of a realistic policy that takes into account all the factors relevant to such food production, and not by blinding oneself to the romantic and aesthetic ideological narratives surrounding organic farming.

The discussion around the use of organic farming is not focused on specialists and experts but is instead controlled by those attempting to politicise the issue. The Party added that those who have studied this issue are branded as conspirators paid by agrochemical companies.

A balanced approached is necessary for any country with a developed agricultural sector argued the SJB, as both chemical and organic farming systems have their own pros and cons.

“President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s Government will put the people, proverbially, ‘from the frying pan of the pandemic and into the fire of organic farming,’” the statement continued.

The SJB urged the Government to reverse its decision and adopt a food programme which would help both farmers and consumers of the country.


CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM May 3 2021

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