Character portrayal of those born in the solar month of Aquarius

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 9 2021
Horoscope Character portrayal of those born in the solar month of Aquarius

By Vishwamitra

The Sun in its annual journey round the Zodiac moves in the sign of Aquarius from February 13 to March 14. Those born during this period, no matter what their Lagna is according to the Birth Chart, are called Aquarius people as they are greatly influenced by the characteristics peculiar to the Aquarius sign.

Characteristics are identical

In this series of articles, we have been discussing the subjects born into different Solar months and they should not be confused with persons born into different Lagnas or Ascendants.  However, the characteristics of a person’s Solar month sign are identical with those peculiar to his Lagna or the birth sign.

Strong physique, but prone to heart trouble 

Aquarius people are endowed with a strong constitution. But they are prone to sudden illnesses which could affect their nervous system.  If the native was born about the Sun rise, he could develop heart trouble. 

Kind, humane and benevolent – possess intuitive and psychic powers

Aquarius people by nature are kind, humane and benevolent. Their perception is keen. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  They are vigilant and observant.  They are endowed with strong intuitive and psychic powers. 

Aquarius people are fortified with strong will power.  They are sociable and enjoy the company of friends.  However, at times, they prefer to remain aloof from others. 

Eminent physicians, scientists and lawyers    

Aquarians make good physicians, scientists and lawyers.  They possess a logical mind. Aquarians are not spendthrifts. They are not keen on amassing wealth either.  They are philanthropic and would help others get on well in life. 

Women born during this Solar month would experience difficulty at child delivery. Aquarians have a great desire for travel.  But one of their journeys would be the cause of heavy financial loss or a setback to status. 

Idealists partial to an intelligent partner with artistic leanings   

Aquarians are idealists and would look for a partner with an intelligent prowess and artistic leanings. They are religious and philosophical. But they are not bigots.  They are broad-minded and liberal in their outlook.

Aquarians would have a successful married life if they marry a person of the same sign or of Gemini or Libra.      

By Vishwamitra | Published: 2:00 AM Jan 9 2021

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