Channel the Cake-Doctress

By Priyangwada Perera Ceylon Today Features | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 16 2021
Look Channel the Cake-Doctress

By Priyangwada Perera Ceylon Today Features 

“Amma, you don’t need to make my birthday cake this year. We are having a tough time looking after grandma. There is no point spending all that time and energy making the cake. Let us buy,” I tell my mother. “Oh no, no way. How can I skip making your birthday cake? I have done so for all these years. 

Plus, who wants to cut a shopbought cake for a birthday?” she replies, devastated. That is how it is, with traditional mothers. For them, cooking or baking is all about love. Even with the money to spend, even if they know the best place to buy a cake, it hurts their pride. The thought does not agree with their image of motherhood. 

Vidushi Gunasekara is someone who knows this very well. With a mother who excels in cookery, Vidushi herself is a lover of baking and cooking. But she will tell you how lazy she is when it comes to weighing and measuring and the calculations. “I am too lazy to do the math,” Vidushi laughed out loud. 

Whether you credit Bill Gates or Frank B. Gliberth Snr, the statement ,“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it,” the same worked for Vidushi. To make it easier for many of us who want to get the hard part done, and make the cake ourselves, she now provides the magic – the cake ingredients. It was her sister’s aunt-in-law who gave her a book on cake recipes long ago. There, Vidushi discovers that the secret is in the cake mix.

 “Whatever the cake is, there is a base. It is either white cake mix for vanilla, devil’s food mix for chocolate cake. White cake mix has no egg yolk and the yellow cake mix is with egg yolk. Every recipe book has these bases. Every cake in the book more or less depends on these three cake bases. What I have done is, for each base I provide five recipes of cakes you can make.”

 But if you think you are going to get the ingredients of just a normal butter cake or a chocolate cake, you are mistaken. Her cakes are exotic. There is a Jelly Cake made with simple ingredients. You would be amazed at what three eggs, oil or margarine and a cup of curdled buttermilk can do. 

The specialty of Vidushi’s cake mixes is that you need not make the same old cake repeatedly, even if you become a fan of it. Monotony is not Vidushi’s way and that is why for each base, you also get five different recipes Vidushi is the Cake Doctress on Facebook. Creativity is her plus point and her imagination, endless. Experimenting is something Vidushi is always ready for. She is known for her love of cooking mostly because she is one who makes all kinds of dishes and cakes and feeds her family and friends.

 In spite of being a teacher of English and Science, teacher and examiner of Speech and Drama and an IELTS coach, she still finds her time to do all this. That is because cooking is something she is passionate about. According to Vidushi, all the cakes in the stores are with a 520g base. It is with this base that one experiments with. The biggest difference in her cakes is that they are super moist. 

“Someone seeing me pouring the batter would question whether the final cake would ever be possible to be cut with a knife. Of course, the cakes with a glaze you have to eat with a spoon,” the Cake Doctress explained. The best part is that all these cakes can be made in mere 5 minutes, without the baking time. You need just one bowl. On her Facebook Page, as the Cake Doctress, she explains everything in detail. 

The videos of herself making the very cake are freely available. No secrets not mysteries. Vidushi is not the kind of chef who would want you to mess up the process. She takes great delight in making others happy. A lot of great chefs who cook commercially hardly have time to be cooking for their loved ones. She does not fall into this trap. 

Vidushi is the aunt to call a nephew and ask what kind of a cake he would like on a random day, because she missed his birthday. When the kid says he wants a pink heart shaped cake that tastes like strawberry, this aunt goes in search of such a cake tray. Instead of just putting on some flavours, she buys the best strawberries, comes home to make the strawberry puree and makes the biggest, strawberry cake in the shape of a heart, all for her nephew. She is one of those rare human beings who spread love and cheer.

 If you are struggling taking care of a sick family member and having a tough time, you might get a call from Vidushi. She would inform you that she is going to drop in for 10 minutes and when she does, she has a unique home-made cake for you. That is why Cake Doctress is such an apt name for her. She also delivers her cake mixes and the credit is all yours when you make the cake yourself. Cake Doctress is definitely your butterhalf, alive and caking

By Priyangwada Perera Ceylon Today Features | Published: 2:00 AM Jun 16 2021

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