Carry Yourself with Confidence

By Khalidha Naushad | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 18 2021
Glamour Carry Yourself with Confidence

By Khalidha Naushad 

Whether it’s a job interview, a party, or a random day out, it’s important to carry yourself well. No, I’m not referring to your beauty and looks, but your inner self and beliefs. Were you aware of your body language, including your posture, facial emotions, and gestures, aside from the makeup you wore? Most of us don’t and that’s not really a mistake, but the time you step out, you should make sure that you are carrying yourself with confidence to avoid people and circumstances that make you feel totally awed and wowed or instances that bring on you by your own insecurities, anxieties and stresses. I have always wondered how certain people learn the art of remaining calm and composed when handling unknown and uncomfortable scenarios. 

Having failed in facing such situations and people, I now believe I could have dealt it effectively and in better ways. I realised through time that having a beautiful and graceful appearance or style is more about your internal self than any external tricks. But unfortunately, many people overlook the real meaning of being elegant by spending a lot of money on high-end clothing and accessories, or working hard to have a flawless figure, or having all the luxuries in the world to appear classy. Anyway, I hope that by the end of this article, you will understand how to carry yourself confidently the next time you go out. Rather than learning a new repertoire of gestures and expressions that may seem unnatural or uncomfortable, concentrate on just two or three parts of your body language to feel more secure and appear more capable and elegant. 

Eyes up 

Looking somebody in the eyes when you meet them, according to the Diamond Arrow Group, shows them that your attention is focused on being present with them. Eye contact has such a significant effect on people that it fosters empathy and connects different emotional states. Good eye contact, according to virtual speech can indicate confidence and conviction. 

Set your mind 

According to Dr. Landrau, deciding to move past your fears and being assertive can make things easier. Instead of hiding, be available to take on a new challenge. 

Be in practice 

Not to just appear confident, but to genuinely feel confident, welldoing. org suggests you to try out two or three of these actions, 

- Stand or sit straight 

- Keep your head level 

- Relax your shoulders 

- Spread your weight evenly on both legs 

- If sitting, keep your elbows on the arms of your chair, rather than tightly against your sides 

Practice good communication 

Practicing good communication means not only speaking well using proper grammar but also speaking in a calm and natural tone while avoiding slang. According to Dr. Landrau, showing maturity when you speak makes people want to hear more. On the other hand, being able to communicate effectively is crucial in both your work and personal life. In a situation where you have a different opinion on how to solve a problem, you must practice speaking up and sharing your ideas. 


Last but not the least, Relax! Feeling nervous in public is not something you should worry about. In fact, most of us feel anxious being around people we have not known before. This nervousness makes you look less confident. Take deep breaths when you start to feel nervous or stressed, advises the Diamond Arrow Group. Do a power pose, take five seconds to remind yourself of your strengths, and stop overthinking all the possible outcomes of a situation. Focus on what you can and can’t control. Building confidence isn’t complicated as you think but definitely takes time. You eventually build resilience by using your fears as motivation. This is nothing compared to the challenges you have overcome in the past.

By Khalidha Naushad | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 18 2021

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