Carmart Introduces ‘VIDEOCHECK’

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 12 2020
FT Carmart Introduces  ‘VIDEOCHECK’

Carmart (Pvt) Ltd, the official representative for Peugeot in Sri Lanka has introduced Peugeot parent group’s (PSA) ‘VIDEOCHECK’ platform to its clients.

VIDEOCHECK allows Peugeot Sri Lanka to digitise aftersales service support via a video link and online estimation and customer approval. 

In the new climate of social distancing, VIDEOCHECK goes further than just ticking a box. The platform has been refined after extensive testing in Europe and is a core aspect of Carmart’s long-term strategy to digitise processes and improve efficiency.

Initially deployed in France, Switzerland and Austria, initial results have shown a high level of customer satisfaction when using this method of adding value to the service process. Today it has been implemented in PSA aftersales networks throughout France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, and Poland, with further tests ongoing in Germany. 

Sri Lanka is the first country in Asia Pacific Region to implement VIDEOCHECK.

How VIDEOCHECK works: 

The principle behind VIDEOCHECK is fairly simple. It eliminates the need of a customer being present in the hazardous workshop environment but allows them to be next to their vehicle virtually. Once a car is handed over for servicing or repair the assigned technician, who will put the car on a car lift, will carry out an inspection and record video footage.

The uses a checklist defined by the manufacturer to highlight the maintenance or repairs that are necessary, with two degrees of importance or urgency, the highest of which relates to passenger safety or roadworthiness. This also includes visual indicators of tire tread and brake pad wear, which are measured during the checks.

Once the video has been filmed, a quote is entered for the work to be carried out. It includes the original customer request (for example, scheduled servicing), as well as an optional portion, with suggested repair work. The report is sent by email and SMS to the customer, who can open the full graphical report with video on a computer or smartphone and give approval online. This is a marked innovation over the traditional method of emailing back and forth.

CEYLON TODAY | Published: 2:00 AM Aug 12 2020

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