Can you go abroad for employment?

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 24 2020
Horoscope Can you go abroad for employment?

By Bandu Abeysundara

Many people irrespective of gender and age aspire to go abroad for a safe and lucrative career. This has been the trend for the last few decades in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Korea and UK and even the USA. Yet to our utter dismay, it has been noticed on so many occasions that this dream of finding a well-paid and hazel free job in a foreign country does not materialize for everyone equally as anticipated. 

Some are compelled to resign and come back home after a few months or even less, while quite a few manage to work for prolonged periods with vacations every six or twelve months. Some find jobs in the middle eastern countries quite easily, while it turns out to be a nightmare for quite a few however much they endeavour. Some people wish to find employment in European countries with dual citizenship as well and migrate with their families.

The paragraphs  appearing below would amply help you to determine for yourself whether your fortune lies in the middle east or in a European country; and if so, whether it is for career  or commercial purposes.

Travel lines (D-D) and (B-B) normally appear on the Mount of Moon in a palm. This mount is the portion, located on the left lower side below the Line of heart under the Mount of Upper Mars (K) and on most occasions below the Line of Heart too and just above the bracelets on the right palm of a person, while on the left palm; it is the portion on the right lower side below the Mount of Mars and just above the bracelets as stated above.

If one clear cut horizontal line appears on the Mount of Moon and if the Line of Fate too commences from the said line, it is indicative of a successful career in a European Country (F-F). Furthermore, if the Line of Sun, synonymously known as the Line of Success too commences from a similar horizontal line (S-S), such subjects are capable of establishing business relations with a foreign country for  importation, exportation,  travel, tourism or transportation.    

If the Line of Fate or success does not begin at the end of the said horizontal line on the Mount of Moon and instead, if it (D-D) runs toward the Line of Life (L-L) without cutting the same, such subjects may travel to middle east countries for employment, and they will have to work hard and earn money. They may not benefit from their foreign travels very much. If two or three short clear-cut horizontal lines do appear, such individuals may travel twice or thrice to middle eastern countries. 

If the Line of Fate (F-F) commences from the Mount of Moon directly, it indicates that one is fortunate enough to secure a lucrative career with citizenship in a foreign country such as Australia or the United Kingdom. They normally settle down in those countries with their families. This same line configuration was visible in the palms of migrants to the middle east, and quite outstandingly they were holding highly paid professions as doctors, engineers, accountants and shipping managers which are considered to be mandatory services in any country without witch all essential services would be at a standstill, hampering all basic needs of a country.

If two or more fragmented and incomplete horizontal lines (B-B), which do not run toward the Line of Life, appear on the Mount of Moon, for such individuals, finding a good job in a Middle East country would be a nightmare. Even if they manage to find a job, chances are more on the negative side that they may return home empty handed in a few months. I have encountered so many such individuals who ultimately confessed to me that their foreign trips were utterly useless at the end of the day. 

I came across quite a few individuals, who had travelled to countries such as the United States of America. It was noticed by me that they had stayed in the USA for about 10 years with intermittent vacations every now and then. In their palms was a Line of Success, which began from the Upper Mount of Mars (U-U) that is located right under the beginning of the Line of Heart under the little finger.      

It was positively noticed by me that if the Line of Sun and Fate are well formed, in most probability commencing from the bracelets, such individuals would never waste their valuable time by endeavouring to go abroad for employment and instead, they would be gifted with lucrative  careers in one’s own country of birth, amidst unsurpassed luxury living conditions.

The age at which one is destined to leave one’s homeland for a foreign country irrespective of his or her own destination is decided upon the point at which Line of Mars (X-X) terminates, while the duration he or she is scheduled to stay overseas is calculated by the difference of the distance, at which point the Line of Mars (X-X) restarts its journey behind the Line of Life (L-L).   

It was also assimilated by me that being devoid of the above vital line formations, all anticipated targets of the foreign job seekers were at a risk and would never be fulfilled in its entirety. 

If the shape of the hand is of square type, they are the ideal category for foreign employment as they have the habit of working consistently and punctually, which is an undeniable prerequisite for foreign employment – especially in the middle eastern countries.

In the case of the hand being of conical, artistic or philosophical shapes, they have an inborn aspiration to work on their own, whereas punctuality, system or order were much disliked by them as a habit. Hence for such individuals, adaptation to strict working environments would be quite a nightmare, and consequently they may resign from their jobs much before the expiry of the signed contract of employment. In the event of adaptability being much more difficult, such individuals may even lose their employment by being terminated by their respective employers, prior to the end of the signed employment contracts.

Once again, if the fingers are longer than the palm, they are ideal for professional careers, while if the fingers are visibly shorter than the palm, they are quick in their performance of their duties of the jobs, and hence they are the ideal people for jobs as manual workers provided that two significant Lines of Success and Fate too are short or fragmented or not well formed on the two palms.

People with very dark and short fingers with a clubbed thumb and distorted palms  and essentially with a sunken Plain of Mars (R) in the middle of the palms may get involved in some sort of thefts, corruption, violation of the governmental rules of that particular country, distillation of illicit liquor for selling and may even end up behind bars before the completion of their signed contract of employment. 

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Oct 24 2020

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