Buddhist rituals to encounter Rahu-Kethu influence

By K. Siriratana Thera | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 26 2020
Horoscope Buddhist rituals to encounter Rahu-Kethu influence

By K. Siriratana Thera 

I wish to describe here some rituals that are compatible with Buddhism, to mitigate malefic influences of the Rahu-Ketu transits. Various esoteric schools suggest wearing talismans, bathing with water boiled with herbs, prescribed for each   sign and the constellation, placing various herbs in bed, taking care of a tree that belongs to each planet and performing homa rituals.

I was told that after reading  horoscopes of certain individuals, Astrologers predicted that their death would happen on certain dates. After adhering to these Buddhist practices they have overcome malefic influences and are living fruitful lives. Malefic periods are the times when the results of bad Karmas committed in previous lives are experienced. 

They can be mitigated by committing most fruitful forms of Punya Karmas. When looking at the society it is clear that most people do not even observe Pansil.  The conduct of certain monks too seem to be  regrettable and have met with ridicule  in the society. In this situation the respect commanded by the monks in the educated society is also lost. Due to planetary transits at this time, perpetrators of crimes would be duly punished.

 By living according to the dictates of the universe one can overcome the negative influences. It is inner development that people need more than the outer. Through that people can protect themselves from bad planetary influences as well as natural disasters.

I wish to describe here a method of living free of all diseases and malefic influences. We need to practise loving kindness towards all beings and show compassion and equanimity. Those who are spiritually developed may not be affected by planetary movements.

Practise this meditation for your protection, development, and for the good of this life and the next. 

First offer flowers, light lamps, venerate Solos Maha Stana  (16 holy places) and Bodhis and feel repentant about your past misdeeds. Sit on the floor with your back straight, keep one palm over the other and breathe deeply; keep air in your stomach for a short while and then exhale.  Do this three times. Thereafter consentrate on your body.

 Think that with the power of the qualities of the Budda, Dhamma and Sangha and that of Bodhisattas “ may my head be healed,  eye be healed, my ear be healed; my nose be healed, my mouth be healed, my neck be healed, my chest be healed, my lungs be healed, my heart be healed, my liver be healed, my kidneys be healed, may different parts of my body be healed, may my entire body be healed.

 May the others  too be free of disease like me. Those in the North, South, West, East, in the sub directions and upward and downward  of this village and the country may be well and happy.  May those who have legs and those who are without legs may be well; long creatures and  short creatures be well. Thereafter chant Kraniya Metta Sutta and invoke merit on all deities.

Express gratitude to the universe. Then pray that your head feel relaxed, your face muscles relax, your neck muscles would relax, your chest muscles would relax; may all parts of the body feel relaxed. May all malefic influences be eliminated with the power of this good deed. And I may experience bliss.

By K. Siriratana Thera | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 26 2020

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