Brutality and Ignorance Indicated by Thumb

By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 12 2020
Horoscope Brutality and Ignorance Indicated by  Thumb

By Bandu Abeysundara

The thumb is considered the most important finger, if someone is involved in determining murderers, managing underworld gangsters, and criminals or  unqualified manual workers. The thumb clarifies as to how it helps one to determine the level of readiness in his or her close associate to blast themselves in order to kill another person for just a few thousand rupees or any other benefits. 

The shorter and darker the thumb, the more the brutality in the subconscious of such palm holders while having physically fit bodies. If the angle between the index finger and the thumb is less than 60 degrees, the aforesaid would be doubly confirmed. One needs to exercise extreme caution when dealing with such individuals whether in office or at home. 

The current operations against the mafia, launched by the President and the Prime Minister and the security forces in Sri Lanka would greatly benefit by this article, if  a few minutes of the valuable time of those who are engaged in them, are spared to read this article as it will help them  distinguish a rogue from a genuine individual. 

If the angle between the index finger and the thumb is over 60 degrees or exactly 90 degrees or a little more, bending  the thumb would be quite impossible beyond this point; then the subject would be highly professional, educated, knowledgeable, intuitive, and would comprehend the ultimate truth of life without jumping into hasty conclusions when in trouble. They would infallibly end up as doctors, engineers, lawyers. Architects, high priests, professors, psychologists, irrespective of gender, depending on the degree of the angle between the index finger and the thumb.

Further, most of the popular and fast selling texts written in English on the subject of Palmistry clearly indicate that the first phalanx of the thumb, where the nail is contained is longer than the second phalanx of the thumb, such persons may always be engaged in the vital managerial functions such as planning, expecting some revenue in return, and in making quite a lot of corporate or domestic decisions with the objective of meeting the Vision of a company through the process of implementation of their Mission.

In this context, it should be recognized that the formation of the thumb in this manner is a mandatory qualification for all or at least most of the successful MDs, and CEOs in the corporate  sector. 

The worst occurs when the second phalanx of the thumb is longer and stronger on both palms; irrespective of gender such people would be good critics; hence, if in politics, universities or in the opposition party, they would prove to be successful in their endeavours. On malefic palms, such people may waste their valuable time engaging in planning for the future, making arguments with co-workers and criticizing them unless otherwise they have rendered much service to the Organization. 

The third phalanx of the thumb is Mount of Venus which is located at the base of the palm right behind the Line of Life. This segment of the palm denotes one’s desires for sex and love   and about brothers or sisters. On the Mount of Venus or on the third phalanx of the thumb of a limited number, was a dark spot, which was either a back spot or a mole. All of them admitted to having had ailments in the stomachs or wombs in the case of women and in the genitals in the case of men. Those who had engaged in prostitution said that they had been inflicted with STDs such as gonorrhea and syphilis. A woman of around 72 years with a black spot has had her womb  removed. To my astonishment, no one so far has admitted to having infected with AIDS.

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By Bandu Abeysundara | Published: 2:00 AM Sep 12 2020

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