Best Phones for Smaller Hands

By Sadira Sittampalam | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 3 2021
Tech Talk Best Phones for Smaller Hands

By Sadira Sittampalam

For the longest time, I have been using the iPhone SE. This compact phone delivered so much despite being pretty small and even remained relevant in the constantly upgrading phone culture we have right now. However, now as times have moved on, bigger and bigger phones have taken over, with smaller-sized Android phones practically disappearing off the face of the world. Now, as I was faced with the task of replacing my old iPhone SE, I decided to do a bit of research on some of the smaller phones available for those who perhaps have slightly smaller hands and don’t particularly value an enormously large phone.

IPhone SE (2020)

While we will probably never see another phone quite as small as the first generation iPhone SE, the ideal size of a phone was never actually that small. So the old iPhone SE was 4 inches diagonally which made this a phone that would fit into any of my pockets (even the really small woman-ly pockets). However, it was occasionally a struggle to use certain webpages, and watching videos was much more convenient on a laptop. Over time, it was too small of a phone. That is why the second-generation iPhone SE seems to be a great upgrade. First off, it is a nice 4.7 inches diagonally and is the same size as the iPhone 8. I happen to think that this size is one of the most convenient as it is large enough to use for multiple purposes, but also happens to be small enough to use with one hand. This phone also comes with almost all of the features available in the iPhone 12 and is definitely a really great phone for an affordable price. It has the Apple A13 bionic processor that will last for years to come and the latest version of iOS. However you only get a single 12MP camera at the back of the phone - so if you use your phone for a lot of photography this might not be the best option. This phone also only has the fingerprint scanner with no Face ID, so if you are more accustomed to that feature, you might want to consider the iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 Mini

If you have a budget that goes above the iPhone SE 2020, you could consider getting the iPhone 12 Mini, which is a slightly better upgrade. This phone is 5.4 diagonally, with a screen that covers its entire surface. So while there is a bigger screen, the actual phone is actually slightly smaller than the iPhone SE 2020, as the SE has both a top and bottom panel, with the bottom one for the fingerprint reader and home button and the top just to round it off. Thus, if you are looking for a small compact phone with a higher screen-to-body ratio - this is the phone for you. Going with the iPhone 12 mini also gives you the fastest mobile Apple processor on the market (the A14 Bionic) and a dual-camera lens (12MP + 12 MP), rather than the single camera on the iPhone SE. Nevertheless, both these phones run the same latest version of iOS, so there is virtually no difference when it comes to the software and apps. Additionally, while both the iPhone SE and the mini have wireless charging, the mini has a significantly faster wireless charging capability. The screen is also a higher resolution with OLED rather than the SE’s LCD. Therefore, if you can afford it, this phone is a good investment.

Google Pixel 4a

While there have been plenty of options for those who want small phones in the realm of Apple devices, there are more limited options for those who prefer Android. This phone comes at a robust 5.81 inches diagonally with a great screen to body ratio which means it is just slightly bigger than the iPhone SE. This means you can pretty easily slip this into your pocket without much hassle. This phone also has an excellent camera of 12.2MP with a wide lens and is priced similarly to the iPhone SE. It also has a nice 730G Snapdragon processor, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. Overall, it runs clean software and is priced very competitively making this phone a great option for android users.

Samsung Galaxy S10E

While this phone is already a few years old at this point, it still is a pretty great phone to consider, especially at the convenient screen size of just 5.8 inches. It still is a pretty great phone to have because it did come with specifications that were at the very top end when it was initially launched, meaning that it is a very competent phone even now. It has the Snapdragon 855 processor plus up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. The dual-lens of the 12MP+16MP rear camera will also be able to take some really nice shots too. It is on the more expensive side for a phone that came out a while ago, being over 100,000RS at least, with more added on for the storage.

Motorola Razr

While the Motorola Razr has a relatively large 6.2 inch screen, it also has the ability to fold in half, which means it is very easy for you to slip this into your pocket and be on your way. In general, having a folding phone is already a huge wow factor, but this phone also comes with a 765G Snapdragon processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage space, and 5G connectivity. The main camera only has a single 48MP lens, but this is still way more than enough for your Instagram feed. When the phone is closed, there is a smaller 2.7-inch display that you can use to monitor incoming notifications without actually opening the phone up, which means that the phone will be in its compact state for the majority of the day. Nevertheless, this phone is definitely going to be on the more expensive side being over 200,000RS since it is a foldable phone. However, to have such a large screen in which you can comfortably do a lot of stuff while also having the ability to fold it up and slip it away in your pocket is a great advantage - but if you are mainly looking for a phone that you can use with one hand, you might be better off with another phone.

Nokia 1.3

This is the cheapest phone you can buy in this guide, and while it doesn’t have anything too spectacular it is a perfectly usable smartphone that is capable of covering all your everyday needs from social media to youtube videos. It comes at a screen size of 5.71inches which is a very convenient size. It has a RAM of 1GB, storage of 16GB, and all for the price of under 20,000RS. For the unbelievably low price, this is one of the best phones you can buy. It also has a rear camera of 8MP and a 3,000mAh battery which will last you a good amount of time using this phone.

By Sadira Sittampalam | Published: 2:00 AM Apr 3 2021

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